Top 10 Warda Winter Collection 2014 – 15 for Your Wardrobe

Known for its quality and perfection, WARDA has been the most reliable brand across the country for its customers. With the most sophisticated designs and the most adorable colors, this brand has the perfect variety according to your own choice, if you are planning to have your shopping for winter warda’s is the best choice for you. Here you go with the Warda Winter Collection 2014-15

Look 1. 3814474

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 1

Image Description: With the most adorable colors in coherence with each other, this dress is a good choice of young ladies exceptionally. The beautifully designed front which has brown color in prominence looks beautiful. The beautiful stitched designed down the shirt is awesome too. With the full sleeves, it is perfect choice for the winters.

Look 2. 381441

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 2

Image Description: With two of the unique colors at the back and front, in addition to the perfect blend of the orange color, this dress is awesome for the winters. Designed in a unique way, with the laces stitched on the front as well as the sleeves it is a perfect choice for stylish ladies. Made up of khaddar with the wide dupatta which has the beautiful orange border it is a perfect choice for winters.

Look 3. 3814434

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 3

Image Description: Those of you who are a fan of blue color and black, it is a perfect choice you. With the most sophisticated style, it is most reasonable dress for you, in respect of price as well as style. The blue colored designed over the back, and white background looks awesome. The complex colored design on the border of the shirt perfectly matches up with the blue colored dupatta.

Look 4. 3814453

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 4

Image Description: Although dark colors are chosen for the winters, however mixing up some brightness in your getup adds beauty to your personality. The highly sophisticated design with the unique prints on back, as well as front of the shirt, and also the unique prints on the dupatta this dress perfectly suits those ladies who have a fair complexion. The floral design on the front of the shirt gives an awesome look. The color combination freshens the personality of the person who wears it.

Look 5. 3814423

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 5

Image Description: Made up of silk Karandi this dress is another good choice for the upcoming winters. The properly laced front and the back of the shirt, as well as sleeves and the complex design at the front of the shirt, look very decent. The geometrical prints over the shirt as well as the floral printing on the dupatta look amazing. That is a perfect choice of those who love faint colors. The good aspect of this dress is its wide dupatta which is good to cover yourself in the coolness of the weather.

Look 6. 1304469

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 6

Image Description: If you are a big fan of the red and black combination, this is a perfect choice for you. The shirt piece with the highly furnished design over it is a great choice for the upcoming winter season. The full-length sleeves with the stylish design over it are best to avoid the cool weather of winters. The properly designed front of the shirt suits you the most when worn with the high heels and black trousers. If you are looking for such color combinations order it now.

Look 7. 3814432

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 7

Image Description: Purple falls amongst the list of colors which groom one’s personality. In the winter, especially this colors add more glamour to your personality. So if you are looking for this color this dress is the best choice for you, as it is the most sophisticated designed dress in the most reasonable price. The highly complex design made up on the front of the shirt which directly matches up with the design made up on the dupatta, this dress has a perfect blend of its design and it color. The designs on the back top, as well as the bottom of the shirt, look really appealing. The fashionable design along with the perfect color is a best choice for you.

Look 8. 1304464

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 8

Image Description: The beautifully printed shirt along with the most awesome design looks very decent. The longitudinal design the front which is in direct coherence in the laced border of the shirt both at the back and front looks amazing. In addition to the properly printed front, the lightly printed design at the back of the shirt looks attractive. That is perfect choice for those of you who love decent colors. Also, it is the most reasonable shirt piece you can ever have.

Look 9. LW14151

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 9

Image Description: With blue patches over the brown background this is a perfect choice for the upcoming season. The highly designed front in the most professional way this is a perfect choice for those of you who prefer to get the dress in the stitched form. The sleeves have also been designed up to the season requirements. This is a good choice for those of you who prefer to have a full fledged dupatta so that it can work over the cold season. If you are looking for a stitched dress at the most reasonable price, this is a perfect choice for you.

Look 10. 381440

Warda Winter Coolection 2014 - 10

Image Description: There are few colors around which take your attention. This dress is perfect choice for the lovers of the decent colors. Made up of khaddar and the sophisticated designs over it this color is a good choice for those young ladies who are lovers of decent colors. In the contrast of brown and gray colors the dress has an outstanding coherence of both the colors. The stylishly designed front along with classy design at the back this dress looks amazing. In the most reasonable price and the most decent style, this dress is a perfect choice for you for the upcoming season.

If you are getting ready to go shopping with your loved ones, Warda’s is the best choice for you.

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