Top 10 Reasons: Why Is Hair Loss in Women Common?

Hair enhances your beauty. Isn’t it? So, what if we find hair loss in women on a daily basis?

Women are so curious about getting their skin perfect and hair shiny. If your hair is rough and bombastically spread around your head, then it may give you a very indecent look. Today, most women have issues regarding hair loss. She always complains of why this happened and what should they do to keep them healthy, long and shiny so, don’t worry my queens, as now I am here to tell you all hair secrets as well.

So, let’s start our discussion on hair loss in women and I will tell you some reasons on it while adding solutions.

Top 10 Reasons: Why Is Hair Loss in Women Common?

What Are Top 10 Reasons of Hair Loss in Women?

First keep in mind that hair loss can be due to some simple natural facts or may be based on complex inner disturbance in your body. These facts may involve some of the following reasons.

Reason #1:

Physical stress can cause your hair get thinner by the each passing day.

Reason #2:

The reason may also include menopause and giving birth.

Reason #3:

Hair loss includes a variety of reasons referring to some disease, hormonal issues, nutritious deficiencies, excess styling, hair products, and may be some medicine effects results in hair damage or loss.

Reason #4:

Hormonal issues get happened inside of the body during periods, after conceiving for a birth or after birth as well. This then causes in dramatics hair loss.

Reason #5:

Getting you completely on diet or relying on some specific food items results in deficiency and excessiveness of particular vitamin or mineral like excess of vitamin A, excessive weight loss, imbalanced diet plan, iron and protein deficiency etc.

Reason #6:

Excessive hairstyling, daily wash, blow drying, daily chemical treatments, ironing, curling, backcombing, these are the things which make your hair loss worse.

Reason #7:

The main thing, which everyone should be aware of that the hair loss may happen due to some inner disease of the body. These diseases may add to these, thyroid, restlessness, illness, radiation and chemotherapy (for cancer treatments), and inner stomach worms and disturbance.

Reason #8:

Some medicinal side effects can also appear in the form of hair loss.

Reason #9:

Trichotillomania is a disease in which people supposed to pull the hair out of their scalp, or may be from the nose, eyelashes, etc.

Reason #10:

Hair loss is also countable in the age factor. People, who were having long, healthy hair, cannot expect the same results during their old age, mostly after 40.

So, everyone must avoid from these highly mentioned points in order to keep their hair long, the healthy and shiny. You can also consult your dermatologist to get better results; they can guide you by some medicines or suggestions. Women should take care of their hair as much as they can to keep them away from hair loss because they won’t like to reflect themselves as a minion having few hairs on the head.

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