TOP 10 PRINTS: Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2014 – 15

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2014 – 15 Is Listed Below

The leading fashion brand, Gul Ahmed, is the choice of the people of all ages due to its perfect in design, elegance in look and sophistication in the trend. Either you like the trendy looks or the most stylish designs Gul Ahmed is one of the best choices you can ever have around. It has the various varieties for you according to best of your choice and feasible to each occasion, here you go with the some of the best Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2014 – 15.


Look 1

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15  - 1

Image Description: With the multicolor blended to each other. This printed has been looking very cool and charming. With full selves and a flexible stuff the dress is suitable for the every lady. The blue color print over the arms and the front looks awesome. Dupatta with the unique design looks splendid too.

Look 2: SS-31

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 2

Image Description: The dress with ever attractive color looks gorgeous. The needle like print over the shirt, its combine print over the border of the shirt and around neck presents an awesome look. The multi colored print over the dupatta and looks really touching. This color looks awesome for the young ladies with the fair complexion.

Look 3: C-169

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 3

Image Description: With the blend of various color schemes including blue and brown; this dress is designed for the upcoming season. The small patches on the sleeves present an extra ordinary look. With the flowery touch on the front and back the dress is elegant and presentable. The labyrinth of the various colors on the dupatta looks adorable.

Look 4: C-189

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 4

Image Description: The combination of the two trending colors, orange and green looks awesome with the laced pink border on shirt and the knitted design at the front. The lace at the front with the pink flowery endings looks elegant too. The light brown micro prints over the green shirt tangles and gives a great look.

Look 5: SS-23

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 5

Image Description: With the prominent pink colored floral print over the back and the pinked laced border of shirt over the light colored shirt this dress looks amazing. The prominent knitted network of light lace of the shirt looks really unique. The fairly designed front of the dress gives an elegant look. The pink colored dupatta is in a perfect combination with the light colored shirt.

Look 6: C-201

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 6

Image Description: With the properly designed purple colored front in a complex way over the green colored shirt looks elegant. The orange touch on the sleeves ends is enough to distract the viewer’s eye from the properly designed shirt with properly designed patches in a micro design. This multicolored dress looks very stylish.

Look 7: SS-17

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 7

Image Description: The eye catching tea pink color of this dress is very attractive. Giving the blends of the various colors including light green, red and yellow the dress is an extraordinary combination of the multifaceted colors. The extensive flora design on the front the dress is a perfect choice of young ladies.

Look 8: C-238

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 8

Image Description: Giving a classy touch of the floral designs, this is a perfect dress with the pink touch. The properly designed flower décor on the front sides from top to the bottom and a sophisticated interconnected floral design at the bottom the dress gives a unique look. The prominent pink colored bottom of the shirt, with directly contrast with the dupatta gives a perfect look.

Look 9: CT-88

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 9

Image Description: The broad lace at the bottom of the shirt in coherence with the stylish designed at the front looks elegant. The color of the border matches up with the color of the laced designed over the sleeves and the multicolored dupatta. With decent color and perfect style this is a perfect stylish designed dress for the ladies of all ages.

Look 10: CT-89

Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014 - 15 - 10

Image Description: This dress with the unique color combination has been choice for many of the ladies. The black sophisticated design at the front gives a classy look which in coherence of the dupatta gives a very elegant look. The minor floral patches over the shirt give a trendy look. The purple laced border of the shirt along with the same design at the border of the sleeves looks elegant. The multicolored dupatta which is bit highlighted with the little yellow touch looks awesome.

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