Top 10 HCG Diet Recipes: Must Know the Benefits

Are you curious about HCG diet recipes?Don’t worry; I am here to provide you with all the necessary and required information related to HCG diet plan.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which rises in the body of pregnant women.In order to diet on HCG basis, you have to take just 500 calories per day with HCG hormonal injections. That diet plan is supposed to be a miracle or blessing for those fatty hungers that badly need to be in shape without losing to eat their yummy food. HCG hormone cut down the craving and makes you feel less hunger.

Some benefits, which you may found from this diet, is that there would be no need of doing exercise at all. Because this diet plan is already so fast that it doesn’t want the dieter to burn their fats through physical workout.

FDA consider HCG as a mean for fertility, but also HCG diet plan is considered illegal because of its hormonal injections. And it has been considered that this injection doesn’t play any role, which actually works is the 500 calorie plan per day.

Top HCG Diet Recipes

Now, let’s have a detailed look on some HVG diet recipes and the benefits that we can get out of these recipes.

1) Salads


This diet will make you amused by allowing you to have a fresh vegetables and fruit salads. A combination of apple, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage, and spinach taste so delicious and the healthy.

2) Beverages


You can have a variety of drinks to enhance your taste buds. These may include Coffee, water, milk, tea and fruit juices. These all will help you get inner fitness and outer glowing on your skin while forcing your body to get reduced.


3) Desserts


Missing your desserts and creamy smoothies? Don’t worry, HCG diet has many recipes where you can select the best for your own. Go for some delicious and sweet dessert like Apple chips, caramel apple pie, iced cocoa strawberries and much more during your HCG diet plan as you can have 500 calories per day. Eat while keeping this figure in mind.

4) Meat and Fish

meat and fish

Meat, chicken breast pieces, and fish would make your dinner special. Sea foods are the best one to have any diet plan because it won’t let your body blow.

5) Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates allow the chocolate lovers to hit on it. This chocolate also helps in making your skin glow. Enjoy having quick Choco bar recipes by getting help out of this dark chocolate. Yes! You can go for dark chocolate fudge cake but still don’t forget the figure 500.

6) Egg with Brown Bread

Egg with brown bread

Egg should be taken every day because of the protein available in it. This protein is much needed by our body to work actively. You can have egg with brown bread and yeah the tea will enhance the flavor of this breakfast.

7) Seasoning


Absolutely! You can add seasoning in your food recipes to enhance your diet recipes flavor. Salt, vinegar, parsley, black pepper would make you in love for your food.

8) Chinese Food

Chinese food

Chinese is the best recipe to try while on dieting. Chinese recipes have fewer calories and also help in reducing your body fats as it digests so easily in your body.

9) Soup


Go for soup it would be the best fat burning item. Make the soup according to your taste and flavor and enjoy it while watching T.V

10) Sandwiches


Don’t miss the sandwiches. You are totally allowed having it during HCG diet. Brown bread filled with chicken and tomato paste, vegetables, ah sounds so yum and delicious.

Except these all, go for “pounds and inches” HCG diet recipes book, this would help you in making different delicious food items which will not disturb your diet plan.HCG is the fastest fat removing diet plan but may involve some short term and long term risk such as nausea, anemia, etc. So, search on the specific diet plan as much as you can before following or ask your nutritionist and doctor before moving on.

If your mind is still in a state of confusion, ask relevant questions and burn the confusion with decision. Thanks!

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