Top 10 Facts about James Franco Freaks and Geeks

James Franco Freaks and Geeks

Loved by people of all ages James Franco’s Freaks and Geeks is watched across the world. As its name suggests it has all the fun and comedy you are looking for. Following are the interesting points about the show, hope you enjoy at best.

Fact #1

Titled as one of the “100 Greatest Shows of All Time” in 2007 on Time magazine, ranked as Top Cult Shows Ever on TV Guide in 2007 and distinguished as one of the 13th best series by Entertainment Weekly, the show has attracted its fans around the world.

Fact #2

The show was created by Paul Feig and the stars famous celebrities James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen and Joe Flaherty and many more.

James Franco Freaks and Geeks 3

Fact #3

The famous American comedy series was aired during 1999-2000 on NBC staring James Franco, the series was canceled after airing twelve out of eighteen episodes. However the complete series was available later after the fans demand its release.

Fact #4

James Franco’s Freak and Geeks had John Francis among the cast who is the only character of her age.

Fact #5

The show took place in Michigan n a fictional Chippewa, in order to achieve Midwestern colors the crew used gray and green tinted colors and they did not shot outdoor. The camera crew was strictly ordered to make scenes which would totally look dull.

James Franco Freaks and Geeks 5

Fact #6

Even though the show has only eighteen episodes however it has an escalating amount of one hundred and twenty and thus resulting the show to be quite expensive, and higher portion of the total budget on the show was spent on music. Later some of music was removed by Fox in order to avoid extra expenses.

Fact #7

In the middle of the James Franco’s Freaks and Geeks finale was written.

Fact #8

James Franco is best known for his role in it, and was born on April 19, 1978 in California. His father was a business man where as his mother was actress as well as writer. Before he joined Freaks and Geeks he was starring in 1999 series To Serve and Protect. Later he also starred in Whatever It Takes.

Fact #9

On the set of Freaks and Geeks he met Busy Philips; their friendship grew strong later on. The show only won a single Emmy in spite of the fact that it had an outstanding comedy and a critical darling.

Fact #10

On the show James Franco and his pals were encouraged to have their own script and thus they had to write the scenes for which they had to brainstorm so long.

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