Tom Ford (Thomas Carlyle) – American Designer Dresses For Men

Tom Ford is also known as Thomas Carlyle, he is a famous fashion designer and film director as well. He belongs to America and born in August 1961. He is a famous for his turnaround of Gucci and the establishment of his own label Tom Ford before that he was also nominated for OSCAR award for his famous film a single man. His designing skills are amazing and when you carry his apparels you feel like prince, he complete varieties of lifestyle apparel. Some of his iconic design discuss below:

1. Look 1

Tom Ford Look 1

Image Description: The whole theme of apparel is pink n colour; the bottom is light pink while the touch of Dark pink coat enhances its beauty. Though this colour is very odd for men’s but Tom Ford design doesn’t look odd at all. You could experience with light colour shirts or T shirts and be stylish.

2. Look 3

Tom Ford Look 3

Image Description: This is one of the stylish and elegant colour combinations; the bottom is white in colour while the colour of coat is some dark blue shade. This theme doesn’t look odd, this colour is best for summer season because it is categorized under cool shades. You could wear light inners so that coat become more prominent and give you excellent look.

3. Look 6

Tom Ford Look 6

Image Description: This is one of the best designs from Tom Ford, the whole theme is dark blue in colour with the touch of white buttons, and this apparel looks amazing and gives you elegant and formal look. The self design on coat and bottom enhance its beauty, if you looking for some simple and elegant piece then this should be in your wardrobe.

4. Look 8

Tom Ford Look 8

Image Description: Black colour is always plays an important role in apparel, black colour has its own beauty. This is another amazing piece of design from the collection of Tom Ford, it has straight fit bottom with body fit coat, and this is one of the elegant and formal piece of apparel. Two pockets on the side of coat which is quite good in appearance.

5. Look 10

Tom Ford Look 10

Image Description: Another formal piece of apparel from Tom Ford, the whole theme is white is colour. You could wear any dark combination with this to makes it more prominent. The bottom is straight fit while the use of single button in coat to tie. This is excellent piece of apparel.

6. Look 11

Tom Ford Look 11

Image Description: This is quite casual look, especially design for winter season. The top is made up of thick wool which will surely make you warm in winter season. The colour is quite attractive which is green in colour, the bottom is white and the combination fit perfects.

7. Look 14

Tom Ford Look 14

Image Description: Another elegant design in casual look, it has blue jacket with white inner and white bottom. White always looks good with any colour, in this look Tom Ford mainly focus on jacket because it has own beauty. You could wear any colour which perfectly makes contrast with blue jacket to enhance the beauty of whole combination.

8. Look 15

Tom Ford Look 15

Image Description: Orange jacket with white theme, you must try this apparel during winter season. The thickness of jacket is quite goo and specially design for winter season. The colour of jacket is bright and could be wearing with any light inner and light bottom.

9. Look 23

Tom Ford Look 23

Image Description: A coat with printed pattern of flowers on it, this is quite odd but unique design from Tom Ford collection. The colour of coat is black while the pattern is in pink colour, use of light bottom and inner makes it more prominent. If you want to carry some odd design then this would be perfect choice.

10. Look 25

Tom Ford Look 25

Image Description: Shiny and glittering design which is green in colour, Tom Ford makes his focus on coat which is shiny and green in colour. It has two pockets on the side of coat which gives an amazing look; this would be perfect if you want to make your personality prominent.

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