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Sonu Nigam Biography

Well, Sonu Nigam is among those who are well familiar, considered to be brilliant, well groomed, multi oriented singer and actor in the Bollywood showbiz industry. His recognition in the world has reached to precipice where everyone can only be dreamed out for being there and hardly wishes to reach and hold this position. Except a few case, he had no scandal at all, always found him indulged and remained associated with his profession of singing and acting. One more thing we like to make you clear hear that upcoming breeding of new actress of Bollywood showbiz industries like to get involved herself legally or illegally means with Sonu Nigam with a view they should come up in the lime light of media news and get famous and track down his/her future career. After all he is a man full of male instinct may sometime get attracted with such pseudo attempt.

Sonu Nigam - Award

Sonu with the Award

Sonu Nigam while singing

Sonu Nigam Wedding

Sonu Nigam was born in a Kayastha family on July 30, 1973 at Faridabad district of Haryana, India. Sonu Nigam’s father Agam Kumar was a renowned singer who had performed on many stage shows in his prime time. Sonu used to accompany his father to his shows and once gave a moving performance at the tender age of three years. He had studied his primary education from J.D School in Delhi. He had a dream for becoming a most famous singer to serve with his qualities for his own nation. He married when he was young with a girl name Madhurima and now he is living happily with his wife, he is blessed with a baby boy who also sings sometimes. Sonu Nigam son name is ‘Neevan’.

Sonu Nigam - Son Modeling

Sonu with his wife and son

Sonu Nigam - Nevaan Nigam Modeling

Sonu Nigam son ‘Neevan’ while modeling

Sonu Nigam Showbiz Career

After completion of education, he had to move to Bombay for try to his luck. He was always encouraged as a new generation in his field of music to be a good singer. He had tried to enter in music industry and gave first audition and in 1990. He sang the song for the movie Njanum, but unfortunately this film was flopped. The next Gulshan Kumar signed him for movie Bewafa Sanam in which the song Acha Sila Diya was successful and break the record and made his best song for the year. After his success he managed to have another opportunity of casting as a host for the television program Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. This television programmed also got famous and his performance was liked very much.

Sonu Nigam - Nevaan Nigam

Neevan, while singing

Sonu Nigam - Wedding

Sonu at his wedding

Sonu Nigam _ Chotay Ustaad

Sonu with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Sonu Nigam News Stories

The year 1997 was considered to be a successful year for Sonu. During this year he managed to have many assignments in which he sang the song Sandese Aate Hain for the movie Border. This song was liked most both in civilian and army because this song was picturised on Indian Army in movie. He had sung many songs like YEH DIL from the movie Pardes, TAAL, PUKAR, and Sathiya. It is also believed that Sonu performed in a many movie Kash Aap Hamare hote, Jaani Dushman, and Love in Nepal, but all these movies got flopped and Sonu cannot make his position in Acting in showbiz industry, Sonu also tuned on his owned Radio City 91 FM, he also had the ability to present it different voices and can sing the songs both male and female voices.

SonuNigam - Madhurima Nigam

Sonu, and his wife ‘Madhurima Nigam’ and their son ‘Neevan’

Sonu Nigam while singing

Sonu Nigam Interview

In an interview he said he feels happy when his fans appreciate about his unbeatable voice. Sonu Nigam is really a true asset for Bollywood.

Sonu Nigam -Bike

Sonu while riding bike

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