Are You a First Time Home Buyer? Some Facts of Mortgages

A home buyer can obtain mortgages loan either to purchase or secure against the property form any credit union or any other financial institution such as bank. They may take loan directly or indirectly.

Such a loan which is being mortgage varies in characteristics such as size of loan, its maturity of the loan or the interest rate which is being paid, the method of the paying back the loan and the other may vary from one another depending upon the financial institution providing it.

Mortgages Loan

It is a kind of loan which is secured by real property through the issuance of the paper note which is known as mortgage note, which states that the loan has been provided as a mortgage against some sort of property.

Mortgage Loan

Across many of the countries it is a common practice that mortgage loans are provided for the buyer of a new home, moreover there are few individuals who have enough saving to enable to purchase their home on the spot. That country where the demand of home is highest has developed strong domestic markets for the mortgages.

The mechanism of the mortgage is little bit different across countries however the terms are almost similar across the countries. Following are the few terms which are being used.


The property which is being financed. The exact form of ownership my vary from one country to another.


Borrower is the person who has created an ownership interest in the property.


In the mortgage loans most of the time, the banker or the financial institutions are the lenders. Lenders can be various investors who want to take interest in mortgage through a mortgage security.

Interest Rate

An interest rate is defined at a market value or it is adjusted by the agreement of the parties to the contract. Interest is the value which is paid to the lender by the borrower. So the payments from the borrower are therefore collected by the loan services.

Repossession of The Property

In this type of contract the lender who has lent his property may also reposes due to any of the circumstances, until the lender repossess his property, the loan is same as other.

Mortgage Loan Facts


This term is frequently used in mortgage which means the completion of the mortgage and the start of the mortgage.


There are many types of mortgages used worldwide; all of these mortgages are subject to the local regulations and legal requirements.


It is a very important thing about mortgage loans that these loans have a maximum term, which means that the number of years in which the loan has to be repaid is long enough.

Repayment and The Frequency

There is not a specific condition about how much to be paid in each period, however the amount which is paid each year may change from one year to another.

Thus the mortgage loans provides an easy way to all those who are willing to have some home built and are short of funding on the spot.

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