Skyfall Movie Review by hamza

Last night I watched 22nd movie of Bond series known as “Skyfall” and I decide to write a review about Skyfall Movie. I without any doubt consider this movie the best bond installment. After the ending of movie I stood up and clapped for the brilliance and I could not wait any long to praise this movie through my article. Critics all over the world have given this movie a very good response and on IMDB this movie is given 8.2 stars out of 10. This movie is the first bond movie to cross over a billion dollars and even crossed The Dark knight rises on box office.Well if you like to watch Skyfall online you can search over internet.

Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 2 hr. 25 min.
Theater Release: Nov 09, 2012
DVD Release: Mar 11, 2013

Cast for Skyfall Movie

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Judi Dench as M
Javier Bardam as Silva
Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny
Ben Wishaw as Q

Plot – SkyFall

This time our hero is trying to save the respect of MI6 and saving M  from the ghost of past haunting him day and night. The villian of this movie is my favourite,the acting of Salvia is mind blowing and I consider him the best bond villian until now. Salvia is a rogue MI6 agent and is trying to uncover all the field agents of MI6 hidden in different terrorist organization all around the world. Salvia attacked the headquarters of MI6 and forced M to relocate the agency. M’s position is now in jeopardy and questioned by new Chairman of security and intelligence. Now in all this situation M’s only hope is 007. 007 is trying his best and only with the aid of Eve he is trying his best to rescue the reputation and life of M. Now Silva’s acting is praised by critics and the dialogue delivery of him is excellent especially a line like

We are the two rats left. We can
either eat each other, huh, or eat
everyone else.
— Raoul Silva

This bond movie reflects the professional as well as emotional Bond trying to save his head M. All time favorite character of Bond series Money penny is finally replaced. Unlike other Bond movies the supporting role of Bond girls is not that much strong and influencing they are nowhere given the enough time to prove themselves. The new Q is an interesting one to see but he was deceived by Salvia. The M’s confidence on James always proves to be true. In this movie first time Bond was all alone and surrounded by countless enemies and yet he have to save M. The emotional speech of M is an inspiring one for every patriot.
The per-credits sequence, which
chases through a Turkish bazaar seen this year
in Taken 2 and Argo, establishes that Sam
Mendes – brought in to raise the tone a bit can handle a fist fight on top of a train as well
as anyone. The boldest hire for this go round is cinematographer Roger Deakins, who delivers the most impressive visuals this series has had since the 1960s. No one will ever mistake Skyfall for an introspective picture,
though Bond’s rarely mentioned dead parents get trotted out in a
way which make him stand with all other orphan superhero. The movie’s best is its emotional intelligence. In my words this movie is The picture of a spy at the end of his rope.