Shaista Wahidi Divorce – Baseless Rumours of Her Scandals

Shaista Wahidi Biography

Shaista Wahidi divorce doesn’t allow to her any fan to make rumours or scandalize her with GEO owner.

Shaista Lodhi Apologizes - 'Mubasher Lucman Points Out'

Shaista Wahidi or Shahista Lodhi is one of the top most personalities in Pakistani media. She is a very famous Host in the industry of Pakistan. She was born in the year of 1976 in Karachi Pakistan. She is doctor by education and has completed her graduation in doctorate by later on she accidently got connected from the industry of Pakistani media and started her career as a Host on Pakistani media. She has a brother whose name is Sahir Lodhi is also connected with the same profession.

Shaista Wahidi random image, while shopping at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road

Shaista while shopping at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road

Shaista Wahidi with her mother and daughter

Shaista with her mother and daughter

Shaista Wahidi with her father and brother

Shaista with her father and brother

Shaista Wahidi Wedding

Shahista Lodhi got married to a person whose name is Waqar Wahidi in 1999 17 January. She has two sons and one daughter. The names of the sons are Shafey and Faiz while the name of the daughter is Eeman. After joining of Pakistani media, in the start the fame of this young lady is not so much but later on as the publicity arising her fame is also increasing. As we all know fame will never come alone it will bring some problem also. This is time the marriage life of Shaista becomes trouble and she decided to get divorce from her husband which is shocking for everyone. Finally she has divorced on 12 October 2012 and living with her children.

Shaista Wahidi on her Barat

Shaista on her Barat

Shaista Wahidi and Waqar Wahidi on their Barat

Shaista and Waqar on their Barat

Shaista Wahidi with her daughter Eemaan

Shaista with her daughter ‘Eemaan’

Shaista Wahidi Kids

Shaista Wahidi kids

Shaista Wahidi with Waqar on Morning show

Shaista with her ex-hubby ‘Waqar’ on morning show

Shaista Wahidi Showbiz Career

In the early ages Shaista started her career as a radio jockey and later on she becomes a TV anchor on a private TV channel and here she starts her career. First she host a program which emphasis on the real issues arising in the society with the live audience. After hosting a variety of live shows, she had offered to host a live morning show which was a breakthrough for her. First she started her morning show from ARY digital channel and she got lots of fame from this show and later on she left the ARY and joins the most popular channel of Pakistan GEO to host the morning show.

Shaista Wahidi on Utho Jago Pakistan show

Shaista on ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’ show

Shaista Wahidi modeling

Shaista on Modeling

Shaista Wahidi News Stories

She not only hosting the morning shows but also appeared in the video song of Pakistani famous singer Faakhir which released on March 2012. She also played a comedy role in a sitcom whose name is Kis Din mera Vivah Howay Ga 2; she wants to prove her versatility by showing different modes of work. Now her morning show is leading among all morning shows. She also wins awards which are

  1. City Talent Women Awards (2006)
  2. Dalda Expert Mom (Honorary Award) (2009)
  3. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Anchor (2010)
Shaista Wahidi on Faakhir's song 'Baylia'

Shaista on Faakhir’s song ‘Baylia’

Shaista Wahidi Interview

Shaista Lodhi enjoying to host a morning show, she said that it is not so easy that to host a live morning show and to face the live callers who could say anything live. She said that she loves the program GMP (Good Morning Pakistan) because she started her career with this program. She believes that women should be independent because she could do anything in this world. She loves her children and manages to spent time with their children and with her family also. She is the icon for Pakistani women.

Shaista Wahidi on Good Morning Pakistan show

Shaista on ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ show

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