Scandal of Horse Meat – Religious Or Hygienic Reasons

In many nations, such as South America, Chinese suppliers, Asia, Europe like Portugal, Tuscany, and Swiss they love to eat equine beef. Horse beef is very rich in protein, a little bit sweet and having unnecessary fat. But the people of UK, the US, Ireland and English Canada, abstain from eating horse meat for religious, cultural or hygienic reasons.Now a days, the scandal of horse meat contamination is spreading across Europe, and this scandal starts on 15 January 2013,when horse meat found in frozen beef burgers(after horse DNA),sold in various markets of Britain and Ireland, including Tesco, dunne’s stores, Lidl, Aldi, Asda and Iceland.

On 7 Feb. 2013, Findus (frozen food Company) announced that in a sample of beef lasagna products, they found 60% horse meat, and the supplier to Findus is a Comigel factory in Luxembourg who also supplies similar products at least in 16 countries. Moreover, the Comigel was supplied with horse meat from Spanghero (Southwestern France), Poujol is its parent company, according to France Minister, Poujol acquired the meat from Cypriot traders, which had subcontracted your order to a investor in the Netherlands. And this Cypriot traders supplied by Romania’s slaughterhouse, stated we have more than 25 abattoirs authorized not only to butcher horse meat but also to export it within the EU. To whom consumer can rely because the chain of supplier is so huge.

The Hamburgers supplies to Tesco, Burger King and co-operative group, from ABP- food group (Silvercrest is its parent company) contains 29% horse meat relative to beef and Silvercrest foods said that they purchased polish beef products from McAdams food services. It appears now that, while Silvercrest bought these meat items in good trust, equine DNA beginning in Belgium was present in some of these items.

On 11 Feb, 2013, this scandal become more serious when Tesco admitted the minced beef in Bolognese contained 100% horse meat. FSA carried the tests on all processed beef products and ordered all supermarkets and manufacturers to send all beef products to laboratories for horse meat contamination test. FSA directors of operation said that the investigation will never end until there was nothing left to behind.

Police raids on 12 Feb. 2013 in Peter Body licensed slaughterhouse at Todmorden, West Yorkshire and at food manufacturer in Wales, they suspected to sell meat of horse in form of kebabs and burgers.

Owen Paterson (Environment Secretary) will be in his tour to Brussels on Wednesday 13 Feb. 2013 to meet with European countries to talk on this issue, Ministers of Irish Republic, France, Romania, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Poland attend the meeting. Mr. Paterson has said that it’s totally unacceptable if any UK business defrauding the public by supplying horsemeat.

Has Britain’s stop eating their favorite meat products, I think they never eat the ready meals because they always doubted the contents, they have to Boycott all processed meat products from the stores, take back anything in the freezer and demand refunds, and to demand the accusation of the directors of all associated companies for criminal inadvertence. Hopefully this matter will be solved soon.