Sanam Baloch Husband – ‘Abdullah Farhatullah’ a Decent Couple

Sanam Baloch Husband ‘Abdullah Farhatullah’

Sanam Baloch is the most famous and elegant celebrity in the showbiz industry of Pakistan, recently she got married on 11th October 2013 with Abdullah Farhatullah. He is a writer and host and also appeared in many TV commercials and shows. This decent couple has been involved in a relationship for many days and finally they got married. According to official news the ceremony of nikkah is held at sanam baloch place and Ruksati will be held later. The ceremony is simple and stylish; according to Sanam Baloch “The wedding should be simple because she is used to talk about simplicity in her morning show, so how could she waste money on these useless things.” We must appreciate the concept and thinking of this young lady.

Sanam Baloch wedding Nikkah image

Sanam Baloch Husband Abdullah Farhatullah

Sanam Baloch Single Life before Wedding

Sanam Baloch has a bright history until now, she started her career with a Sindhi TV channel of Pakistan KTN and later on she appeared on many TV commercials, dramas and also hosting a morning shows. She also nominated for many awards and also won the best actress award for her drama serial name “Dastaan”. She is simple and decent celebrity of Pakistan and loves his family a lot. Sanam Baloch is counted among the decent personalities of Showbiz; she is never engaged in any sandals or an affair.

Sanam Baloch and her husband Abdullah Farhatullah

Abdullah Farhatullah Single Life before Wedding

Abdullah Farhatullah is the decent and elegant personality of showbiz; he is a writer and host and associated with two respected TV channels of Pakistan which names are DAWN and SAMMA, in the past he is also affiliated with A-PLUS channel. In the start of his career, he also did many commercials but later on he has chosen his field and dedicatedly working for his passion. According to Degree, he is a computer engineer and has done Masters in Philosophy. He is never associated with any girls in the past it means he has clean and clears personal life. This couple could be counted among the decent and stylish couple of showbiz industry.

Sanam Baloch married with Abdullah Farhatullah

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  1. Asalam Alaikum Sumair Raza,

    You have written very well i like your writting style. But In third line of Abdullah Farhatullah’s biography you have made a mistake. It is A-PLUS channel. In the start of her career. Change her into HIS….

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    • Wa’alaikum-assalam Mr. Abdul Sami, thanks for pointing out the lit’le flaw, simply updated! :)

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  2. God bless you.i am very happy for your mirage.

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  3. I am sorry but there were many grammatical errors in your article. I would appreciate if you pay attention to these errors next time so you can become an even better writer. thank you

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  4. good.but first try to understand the difference between HIS & HER.. Lolzzz

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