Sami Khan Wife, Brother – His Biography from Scratch

Sami Khan Biography

Sami Khan wife doesn’t relate with her hubby’s field anymore.

Sami Khan is the famous and popular actor in the drama industry of Pakistan. There are many few people who actually know the real name of Sami Khan. His real name is Mansoor Aslam Khan Niazi. He was born in July 1980 in the city of Pakistan name as Lahore, after that he joins the acting as his career in 2004 after graduating from UET Lahore University.

Sami Khan on Niagara Falls

Sami, while visiting Niagara Falls – USA

Sami Khan on America

Sami, while visiting American streets

Sami Khan brother Taifoor Khan

Sami Khan brother ‘Taifoor Khan’

Sami Khan Wedding

The current status of Sami Khan is married. Sami Khan wife is not linked with acting industry she is a simple and decent women. In the past the well known name of drama industry of Pakistan Sara chaudhry was his fiancé. But this relationship could not last so long and after their breakup they both get tons of Projects. Later on Sara leave the drama industry of Pakistan. Sami khan is still working for the industry and now he is happily married with his wife and living a happy life.

Sami Khan Wife on her Mehendi

Sami Khan Wife on her Mehandi

Sami Khan Wedding

Sami Khan at his Valima Ceremony

Sami Khan with his wife

Sami Khan with his wife

Sami Khan Showbiz Career

Sami khan entered in the showbiz industry after completing his graduation from UET Lahore in the year of 2004. He never thinks that he takes acting as his profession but accidently he became an actor and started their career as a TV artist. He has performed in many dramas like Dil Se Dil Tk, Sitam, Chaap, Angles, Apney Hue Paraye, Tootay Huay Pr, Maaye-Ni, Me Gunehgar Nhi and many others.

Sami Khan on Maaye Ni

Sami Khan on Maaye Ni

Sami Khan on Mein Gunehgar Nahi

Sami on Mein Gunehgar Nahi

Sami Khan on Jo Chaley Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

Sami Khan on Jo Chaley Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye with Saba Qamar

Sami Khan News Stories

He is an amazing actor he has won two awards also. One in PTV awards for best actor in 2011 and the other one is Tarang houseful award for best actor in 2013. He is not an actor by birth but he is good in cricket if he is not an actor then maybe he is the Pakistani team of cricket.

Sami Khan images, while sitting on FM 103 Radio Station

Sami, while sitting on Radio Station ‘FM 103’

Sami Khan Interview

In an interview he said that he loves to play Xbox and play station. He hates the liar and people who shoes themselves as diplomatic. He strongly believes in ALLAH and thinks that it is the support from ALLAH so that he became a good actor. He says that he is still learning and wants to achieve more and more in life.

Sami Khan on Sahir Lodhi's show

Sami Khan with his resembled celebrity Sahir Lodhi

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