Salman Khan House VS Shahrukh Khan House – Epic Comparision

Well, this particular topic is of unique nature, and you will neither find this topic, being discussed here, anywhere else nor you have even thought of nor you had imagined ever before in your life. The topic we have selected here is a bit different than that of the others, making it more charm, informative, and attractive for our reader and letting them know, the way how the people of today’s world started thinking of. In today’s modern world, people have become more materialistic, selfish in nature, and money oriented, and their thinking is totally different with that of thinking people used to have in the past.

At that time people used to be courteous, humble, and sincere and they meant what they say; but in the present situation case is totally different; you will find everybody is running in a state of frenzy, without knowing the impact what would happen while being there in the state of frenzy and how they are to avert them, merely perceiving an idea how to become rich in days time irrespective of the fact it is legal or illegal method. Likewise people has started measuring one’s creditability in term of their wealth, style of living, houses, how beautiful his wife is if married, and possessing degree of liberal thinking; no consideration at all to their education and family background.

Salman Khan vs Shahrukh Khan

We are also being asked to ponder something on this attitude especially considering the Salman Khan House and Shahrukh Khan House, their way and style of lives. Since we are also a part of the world, we have to do something even if we do not like to do it; the reason is simple and clear, we think, it need not to be explained anymore.

Salman Khan is a renowned actor of the Bollywood industry, need not to mention our reader who he is, still believe he is single and is considered to be an early stage in processing of being doubled, good looking, and smart with full muscular body. Whether you are a fan of Salman Khan or not, you must be aware of where does Salman Khan Lives. Salman Khan’s residence Galaxy Apartment in Bandra has more or less become a landmark for people in Mumbai.
Salman Khan is very much attached to his house where it is believed he spent his childhood. Even after achieving a target success, he preferred not to change his address and continued living there with his parents.

But now it has been reported, Salman Khan is planning, moving out from this residence where he had spent right from his child hood to this stage with his parents. Now he has started feeling the area is short and likes to move some bigger place. We have seen him saying to a national Daily, he stayed there as long as he could. Now e would be there a couple of days more till such time their new residence is constructed and completed. At present Salman is staying in the ground floor of the apartment building while his parents staying on the first floor. It is arduous and painful paradox that he is leaving the area where he had spent most of his childhood.

Salman Khan Bedroom

Salman Khan house - bedroom

You are having a look of new bedroom of Salman Khan. The back wall within a wooden frame and design there on giving an artistic look. Combination of brown and white is very attractive. Further a window on the right side with lush green long tree is marvalesh.

Salman Khan house  - ceiling

Artisticly developed and designed the roof new house of Salman Khan with proper distribution of flouracent light encirled with chrome fitted frame is giving a pretty good look. Colour combination and delicate roof design is nothing but appealing.

Salman Khan house - corridor

Roof has aslo been made attractive by giving an artistic design and curvature and spreading out light around this curve following with definit partern giving an attractive look. Intensity of light has also been adjusted properly for giving you a better look.

Salman Khan house  4

More emphasis made toward desiging and development of roof. How artisticly step down roof design has been made with proper cuvature and lighting thereon made attractive. One more thing is to note the woden partition for entering into dinning room giving a marvalous look and really apreciable for the one who had designed it. Design of floor is also attractive.

Salman Khan house images

This is a pretty look of living room. The two chair with red cushioning, stylish chair design has enhanced the over all look. Roof and back side wall design and fixing lamp thereon is nothing but giving an exquisite taste. Overall appereace or theme of this room is amazing, by sitting in thi room you could make yourself energize.

Salman Khan house images

This is giving a unique look of its own nature. Colour combination curved back wall design and framing thereon with proper distribution of light with lovely and artistic look of sofa set is nothing but giving you elegant, graceful, and exquisite taste.

Salman Khan house pics

This is a look of another bedroom seems to be more gracfull, elegant, and delicate of it nature. Artistic design of chandlier and proper distribution of light, and giving a curvature look of the side wall has made it more attractive.


Shahrukh Khan house images

This is the entrance look of Shahrukh khan Houses, looks clean and tidy. The overall look is very artistic because it has lots of creativity which make you astonished, plant placement, gold railing work and unique picture frame makes the theme classic.

Shahrukh Khan house pics

This is a look of Shahrukh khan’s bathroom, pretty good but depicting to old traditional and maharaja’s life style. The floor has artistic tile with black and white marble, the column post around bathtub enhance the beauty of bathroom. On other side there is glass covered area which also enhances the creativity of bathroom.

Shahrukh Khan Bedroom

Shahrukh Khan bedroom

This is a look of Shahrukh khan’s bedroom a bit larger in size giving an impression he likes to pass his life with maharaja’s style. The basic theme of this bedroom is red and golden, in this bedroom you will find all basic necessities of life like, a big jumbo artistic bed with a sitting area in which sofa set is placed to entertain guests.

Shahrukh Khan bedroom pic

In this view of bedroom you can easily reveal the style of bed and chandler place on the wall. Bed is the center of attraction because it is very huge and stylish; you can also see many artistic thing which is clearly seen in the picture. It reveals that Shahrukh Khan and his family loves creative and artistic things. Crystal chair and well placed things giving a good look.

Shahrukh Khan house images

Shahrukh Khan is seated in his living looks busy in visualizing something on his new ideas. All things are well placed in exquisite manners. The theme of this bedroom is soft and elegant with creativity at their best.


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