Real and Fake Friends – Either Sadness or Cruelness Behind Smiles?

Natural Emotions Plus Hypocrisy

Real and fake friends can be centrifuged by the density of emotion, trust and understanding they share. The world is marred with hypocrisy, stained with people who wear facades and use people for their personal gains, just like an obsequious employee who shows servility just to get a promotion. The authenticity of a friend can be corroborated by the fact that he is not only there for you in your worst but is also your legal adviser, your unpaid advocate and whenever you find yourself in unchartered territory, he is there to show you the way.

A true friend feasts with you in times of merriment whereas a fake beguiles you into thinking that he would advocate you in predicaments but when dilemmas arise, he vanishes and covers it up with the reason being his ignorance. A real friend may have thick coarse and satirical remarks in front of you but behind the obvious he ornaments a positive reputation in a multitude among the known and the anonymous.

Real and Fake Friends quotes

Love Density in Real and Fake Friends

Real and fake friends can never have the same density of love; it can easily be felt through scrutiny. The world has a dearth of true and sincere people. More and more people are involved in alienating others and are busy in exorcizing happiness through their chicanery. It is the bitter truth of life that we have to go through such people just to find the person that eventually is worth the impediments. It is likely analogous to finding a soul mate, no matter how corny that sounds!

The one who’d be there in the hard times, the way and umbrella shudders away the rain for you and gives you the audacity to walk through it; that person will turn out to be right by your side in every catastrophe because that person is your true friend. Fakes never stand by you in difficulty, or even happiness because they feel contented in your trouble and envious in your contentment.

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We always have times where our luck doesn’t support us, where we stand alone unnoticed; similar to be left alone in a maze with no escape route or as the French might say, a cul-de-sac, ‘a blind end’. The real reason you’re there is because at  another period of time you were beset by fake friends.

Do Fake Friends Only Hurt?

The worst part is when we get hurt through the fakes when in search for the true. Such people bring us down to the point where we lose hope in humanity and start looking upon everyone with doubt and a sense of resentment. The route of loneliness is only walked upon when we’re let down by the ones we completely rely and trust on, most of the times, our friends. People are just mystic masks and if anything appears authentic, it might be really obscure. So we should watch out before trusting others blindly because at any point our expectations can not only come to a halt but can be cynically destroyed by the bogus friend.

Real and Fake Friendship Quotes

Real and fake friends can only be differentiated with the mind. The decisions made by heart usually turn out to be emotional and unrealistic. Everything happens for your own good and in that gloomy period of time, if you find help from someone sincere it will more than compensate for the hard times you bore. The corollary of the whole discussion is that whenever you find that friend; cling on to him no matter how corny the plight may be. Always keep your eyes and ears opened, and sometimes listen to your mind before your heart! Stay safe.

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