I Am Pakistan and I Want to Stop Drones – Says Imran Khan

This statement of Imran Khan should not be taken easier as said by a conservative politician. Merely as one said by a Pakistani, one that truly loves Pakistan, Pakistani values, and Pakistan’s promise through its beloved fans and followers. After the 2013 Election of Pakistan when Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) gets a charge of ruling over the one province of the country namely; ‘Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’. KPK citizens show their happiness by their celebrations. They welcome to their Leader ‘Imran Khan’ and stay hopeful that he’s only a leader who can save their beautiful cities and children from The Drone Attacks.

Imran Khan againt Drone Attacks - Brave leader

‘As Fortune Favors the Braves’

So we take these words in this sense that most right now Khan is ruling over in the most sensitive province of Pakistan, where the citizens are working hard more than breaking the Firm Hills. And stronger more than a hunter who jumps into a forest without a single tool. Such citizens dare to face harder problems. There’s not a big issue of electricity shut down, expansiveness, more than both matters. They have the heat of Drones instead heaters; they have Drones to keep their tummies full, even they don’t need to buy clothes cause they have their blood to wear.


Imran Khan againt Drone Attacks - Drones look like these

In fact, they don’t want such luxuries; they happily accept the electricity shutdown, expansiveness and lower income jobs… B-U-T they don’t want that they indulge themselves by such luxuries that was given by America. They are ready to accept all attacks, and targeting killings as in other cities are going on. But all those killings are being given by their own ‘Pakistani’ citizens. In actuality, they hate to die by American-made killing machines. Hey, American soldiers, they have the strength to push you all… to all Non-Muslim foreigner strengths, they have a power more than you; you fly your Drones in the Sky in the darkness, so that’s not the power more than coward steps. You know what they have; they have the biggest power in their two hands that if they raise both of the hands together towards the sky and ask help with an obvious believe, so surely they can squeeze you and you will remain as the lemon after squeezing the pulp.

Imran Khan againt Drone Attacks - Brave leader of Pakistan

Every patriotic Pakistani says the same ‘I am Pakistan and I want to Stop Drones’ as Imran Khan says. Khan translates the emotions of his Pakistani children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. His fans and followers don’t only like and follow him; the number of processions is being addressed by PTI against Drone Attacks. PTI supporters have been the barrier of NATO supply, and eventually The American soldiers who are staying in Afghanistan are planning to eat each other, huh!

What Do You Think About the Imran Khan’s Step?

Can processions alone stop Drone Attacks or Imraniest would be failed after taking an energetic step? Many queries are revolving in our minds, and much to discuss. Whoever does the best even thinks for the betterment of Pakistan, so it’s natural feelings we admire that person, and we should do. One more thing, now everyone wants something practical, and that is only Khan that easier said than done, he shows his loyalty by his practical deeds. He is what he is. May Allah stay him blessed with healthy long lasting life, Aameen!


Imran Khan againt Drone Attacks - a true leader of Pakistan

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