Bafin Orders to Ban Onecoin Fraudulent Activities in Germany

OneCoin claim to be a future cryptocurrency like Bitcoin but failed to prove. Its clearly understandable that OneCoin is a fraudulent investment and Multilevel marketing scheme which can cause great loss to its investors in future. Watch Video in Urdu about OneCoin

Like other countries, Now finally Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) has orders against Onecoin and its three related companies to keep Onecoin activities out of the country. Without any further delay due to high level of risk from OneCoin Bafin orders are effective immediately.

[Bafin] issued cease and desist orders against Onecoin Ltd, Dubai, and Onelife Network Ltd, Belize, holding the companies to dismantle their internet based “Onecoins” trading system and to end all sales promotion activities in Germany immediately.

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