Nida Azwer Party Wear Dresses Make You Gorgeous

Reviving the crafts is Nida Azwer. She graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 2005 and it took her three years to officially launch her label – Nida Azwer Atelier. Her first standalone flagship store  opened in Lahore and was quickly followed by the inauguration of another in Karachi. The label is known to infuse classical elements such rilli, zardozi and tukri ka kaam into delicate timeless patterns. The label designs for not only women, but men and kids as well. She uses pure silk, brocade, italian lame, french Chantilly lace and Swarovski Crystals. She describes the Nida Azwer woman as “ chic, elegant and classy’. Her label is inspired from everything from Mughal to Roman art and nature as well. For her pret wear she prefers digital art and screen printing however for formal wear preference goes to heavy embroidery. Animals are a recurring theme in her collections, peacocks, phoenixes, birds and elephants and now because of demand floral prints as well. Nida  recently introduced “White” affordable pret wear under her label. Nida Azwer creations can be ordered and are also available through exhibitions that take place throughout Pakistan.

Look 1

Nida Azwer 1

Image Description: Bright Red shirt from Nida Azwer collection with her signature touch of peacocks and  flowers in contrasting black and off-white. With full sleeves and v-neck. For casual wear, extremely practical yet graceful.

Look 2

Nida Azwer 2

Image Description: From Nida Azwer Atelier a classical and elegant shirt in black and white checkers highlighted by red. Floral patterns grace the neckline and further enhance the simplistic beauty of this attire, for casual wear.

Look 3

Nida Azwer 3

Image Description: Every color gives a different vibe and similar patterns in various colors give an altogether different appearance. On blue background with printed flowers and peacocks in bronze and white, this shirt gives a more mature look. From Nida Azwer Atelier.

Look 4

Nida Azwer 4

Image Description: For casual wear Nida prefers digital prints, as s with a loving and youthful touch. Bold cuts and bright colors give it unique look for both casual and semi-formal wear.

Look 5

Nida Azwer 5

Image Description: Fresh green always refreshens and soothes the eye and gives cool and sophisticated look. As is the label’s signature style it is coverehown above. Screen print in white, orange and red on this red brick shirt make it look very chic and stylish. The designs on the shirt are balanced by plain neckline and sleeves.

Look 6

Nida Azwer 6

Image Description: Taking inspiration by nature and it’s surroundings this black and golden shirt with floral prints and architecture can be worn as both  casual or formal wear. It is printed from top to bottom with plain sleeves with coordinating piping and band collar. From Nida Azwer’s Atelier.

Look 7

Nida Azwer 7

Image Description: Presented from Nida Azwer’s 2014 Valentine’s collection, this shirt represents what a person should aspire to be, decent and elegant on one side from nature inspired floral prints and birds. With band collar and pleated sleeves it is a perfect fusion of style and comfort.

Look 8

Nida Azwer 8

Image Description: Taken from Nida Azwer’s collection, black is embraced by golden and outlined by red around the neck, base and sleeves in this shirt as shown above. The front panel is printed from top to bottom,with the base covered by floral patterns in different hues. Her block printing is unmatched in the industry with bright colors and extraordinary patterns.

Look 9

Nida Azwer 9

Image Description: Class meets comfort in this unique shirt. Nida’s creations are crafted in Pakistan from pure fabrics including silk and brocade. She adores eastern silhouettes such as Angrakhas which are commonly displayed on her racks. She cherishes old crafts and wishes to revive them through her work.

Look 10

Nida Azwer 10

Image Description: Classical combination of red and white as portrayed from Nida Azwer’s Atelier. The label has outlets throughout Pakistan and in Dubai and London as well.

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