National Bank of Pakistan Branches – Over the World

National Bank of Pakistan Branches are known to be the most reliable source for keeping our money secure in their lockers. That surely used to be one of the chief classical reasons but nowadays it will not be the only reason. There are many things which are associated with banks and like other latest, enhanced and modern technological things banks have also grown a lot and provide most of its services with benefits to customers. Now apart from keeping our income secure in accounts and doubling it via interest of banks we can also avail some brilliant benefits like online banking facility, ATM card for getting our savings at any moment, Visa cards to enjoy shopping without carrying or keeping money with you and taking loans for some series needs of yours.

National Bank of Pakistan Branches

National Bank of Pakistan which is also known as NBP is one of the biggest profitable banks functioning in Pakistan. National Bank of Pakistan is one of the most repute banks of Pakistan which has been so successful to increase the pride of Pakistan. It provides all the latest features which most probably every other bank provides. It was founded in 1949 and its central executive officer is Mr. Saeed Ahmed Kazi it is one of the biggest commercial bank functioning in Pakistan.

It has again defined its characterization from making it from public bank to profitable commercial bank. Although it remains to act as trustee and directors of public treasuries and as the trustee to the State Bank of Pakistan it has expanded its industry assortment and is today a chief pioneer players in the market of debt equity, the bank delivers both commercial and public subdivision banking facilities. It has possessions worth 12.300 USD billion in the year 2007.

National Bank of Pakistan Branches

National Bank of Pakistan has so many branches all over the world like in Canada, Egypt, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyz Republic, South Korea, Germany, France, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Japan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia  USA. There are uncountable numbers of ATM machines of NBP found in almost every next city of Pakistan it also provides Islamic banking system which is most preferable.


The Online Banking System of National Bank Offers Many Services Like
. Statement of Account
. Balance Enquiry
. Stop Payment
. Cash Withdrawal Through Cheque
. Cash Deposit to Own and Third Party Account
. Transfer of Funds to Own and Third Party Account


National bank of Pakistan also offers many facilities for international banking

  • The lowermost charges on exports transfers and other international banking merchandises
  • Entree to unique local profitable banks in international banking

Bank has transformed its more than thousand offices online out of its nationwide system of 1272 branches.

All and all National Bank of Pakistan is one of the finest and most trusted banks of Pakistan where people feel secure to keep their belongings. Also its services elaborated above are so impressive to provide benefits to its customers. One of the most important benefits of banks is online transactions while just using internet.


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