My Suggestions on 0.6% Dar Tax on Banking Transactions

I understand govt wants people to pay income tax but WHT on banks is not a right way. If someone do not want to get in Tax circle, he will not enroll even for this 0.3 or 0.6%. This practice is never experienced in any other country.
tax on banks
Like instead of paying 7-16% sales tax etc, those people will prefer to pay this 0.3% with out filling tax return.  You guys are just going to stop banking sector growth, Pakistan Economy will be highly impacted by this in negative.
Suggestion 1: Remove this tax and find some other way to get people in tax net. Sometime I wonder when we already pay unjustified tax on petrol, Mobile Balance and on many other things, like which is more then enough, why someone with normal earnings pay income tax, so Govt reduce these tax.

Suggestions 2:
Make this 0.1% and minimum amount for check and online transfer should me at least 2.5 lac so small traders can bear this.
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