The Morning Shows – Divorcing Machine or The Reality is else?

When the Sun rises with its full of sunshine, all Pakistanis wake up not cause of the sunlight, even The Morning Shows insist them to leave their bedrooms and join their TV lounges. They pick their remotes up and start clicking to watch out all morning shows at a time.

Do they want to watch out all shows or plane to find out something interesting and new that could entertain them. Or most of the people watch out that shows that they could have a topic to criticize on someone or else personal life.

Top 3 Morning Show Queens

Here I’m going to point out ‘The Height of Negativity’ of specifically Pakistanis. As everyone (especially morning shows watcher) knows that three of the top Morning Show Hostesses have been divorced, namely: Nadia Khan, Farah Hussain, and Shaista Wahidi.

The Morning Shows, Shaista Wahidi, Nadia Khan, Farah Hussain

Shaista Wahidi – Nadia Khan – Farah Hussain

Why Have They Been Divorced? Is the Reason Morning Shows?

Many such queries come in a mind at once when some critics hear that news, they catch that topics and easily start criticizing on them, never strive to know the reality behind the issues.

While nobody knows that someone who entertains their viewers, laughs out laud, has some dancing steps with their guests, wears branded dresses, puts on expansive jewelry, talks about entertaining topics, even in all aspects. Don’t you know ‘readers’ that that’s all just the demand of their job? And, the job is the demand of their family needs. All hostesses belong from noble, educated families, and are middle class.

Our queries must be like this; why not our minds think positive? When will we start noticing our own shortcomings? Are we all hundred per cent perfect? Instead of; why have they been divorced? Is the reason morning shows? Well, if we have no control that what to think, so at least we have a right to think right, haven’t we? If some of you think that we haven’t so please tell us via commenting below. We will gladly response you.

Shaista Wahidi with Farah Hussain

Today, on Thursday 10th of October ’13, when I watched out the Morning Show on Geo TV, Shaista Lodhi was hosting her show Utho Jago Pakistan with the familiar guest and another channel’s morning show hostess, Farah Hussain, was sharing her heart wrenching life from childhood to divorce. How impressively the Iron Lady is facing the entire scenario in this critical society with her two sons. Where many eyes are just for pointing out your flaws negatively, despite of helping you everybody is ready to see you like you have stolen their money or something.

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