‘Mera Sultan’ a Turkish Drama is On Air in Pakistani Channel


Mera Sultan is a Turkish based drama and now on aired on Pakistani TV channels. There are many Turkish dramas which are on air on Pakistani television and having a good response from the viewers of Pakistan. This Turkish drama could have in low price from the Turkey media industry and easily get viewers and advertisement to earn from this technique while investing fewer amounts. Actually Mera Sultan is soap and it has 4 seasons in which 3 seasons are ended in Turkey while the 4th season is coming soon over there. This drama serial is on aired on Geo Kahani, basically this is a story of King name Suleiman and his wife and a slave who became sultana later.

Mera Sultan Turkish Drama

The Plot Moves Around

This drama serial is based on the story of Ottoman Era. This dram serial has 4 seasons while 3 have watched while 4th season is coming soon. This is one of the most popular and famous drama serial in the Muslims world. In this drama the lead characters are Suleiman the king and his most beautiful wife whose name is Hurrem, she has a prominent impact on Sultan’s life. Sultan wife Hurrem is most beautiful among all, when she came to know that, if she gave sultan a son they he will award a Sultana of Ottoman court. The suspense starts here and she started struggle for becoming a favorite companion of Sultan, this phase is not easy for Hurrem she has faced lots of ups and down and in the last she got pregnant with his five children and due to which she got the sultana of Ottoman. You must watch this drama serial in order to get entertain yourself with the twist of this drama serial.

Every story has negative character; in this drama there is lady whose name is Mahidevran who is a first wife of Sultan and a biggest rival of Hurrem. The story is really interesting and entertaining; the dubbing of this drama serial is quite good as compared to other Turkish drama serial.

Turkish Drama Mera Sultan

Mera Sultan Turkish Drama on PakistanTurkish Drama on Pkaistan 'Mera Sultan'

Cast Overview

Real Names Character Names
Halit Ergenç Halit Ergenç
Meryem Uzerli Hürrem Sultan
Nebahat Çehre Ayşe Hafsa Sultan
Nur Fettahoğlu Mahidevran Sultan
Deniz Çakır Şah Sultan
Okan Yalabık Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha
Selma Ergeç Hatice Sultan
Mehmet Günsür Şehzade Mustafa
Berrak Tüzünataç Mihrünnisa Hatun
Gürbey İleri Şehzade Mehmed
Pelin Karahan Mihrimah Sultan
Ozan Güven Rüstem Pasha
Engin Öztürk Şehzade Selim
Merve Boluğur Nurbanu Sultan

Hit and Miss of ‘Mera Sultan’

Hit Views

  1. This is an excellent drama serial which explain the story of Ottoman Empire in an interesting and entertaining way.
  2. The cast is amazing and beautiful which will never make you bored while watching it.
  3. Dubbing will create an easy to make this drama serial easily understandable.

Miss Views

  1. Sometime I felt that the dubbing quality is not good, the sound of dubbing is not suited with the actor personality.
  2. It is Turkish based drama due to which the dressing f actors is very fashionable and could not watch with family. Though the TV channel blur the unwanted postures of body but it still looks odd.

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