Mahnoor Baloch Daughter – ‘Seems Elder by Age, Sister by Look’

Mahnoor Baloch Daughter

Mahnoor baloch seems to be young but she is not. She has a daughter whose age is 24 yes you got it right. The daughter of Mahnoor Baloch looks to be elder than her. Now lets read out Mahnoor Baloch’s complete biography.

Mahnoor Baloch daughter and husband

Mahnoor Baloch with her daughter and ‘Farhan Tahir’ (Hollywood actor)

Mahnoor Baloch Biography

Mahnoor Baloch is a Pakistani actress, model, dancer and director. She was born on 14th July 1969 in United States Mahnoor belongs to a Sindhi family and is one of the most beautiful actress in Pakistan. She cares about her beauty well and has a charming personality. She is also known Mano Billi. Her height is 5’7. She studied in St.Lawrence Karachi and Arab Unity School Dubai. She did her BA privetly.

Mahnoor Baloch in Eastern Look

Mahnoor Baloch in Eastern Look

Mahnoor Baloch Wedding

Mahnoor was married at an early age of 15 to his cousin Hamid Siddique who was also 17 at that time. They both are together till now and have a daughter. As Mahnoor belongs to a Sindhi family so she was married early as per family tradition.

Mahnoor Baloch with Her Husband and Daughter

Mahnoor Baloch with Her Husband and Daughter

Mahnoor Baloch Showbiz Career

Mahnoor Baloch started her showbiz career in early 1990s. She immediately conquered the industry with her evergreen face and simple beauty. Unlike other models she doesn’t flooded tv and mags with her ads but instead concentrated on the quality work. She made her acting debut with the drama serial Marvi directed by Sultana Siddique in 1993. She doesn’t work in lead role but her acting was appreciated by viewers. Her second drama was Dusra Asmaan. Mahnoor made her direction debut with drama serial Lamhay which also featured pop singer Shazad Roy. Mahnoor is currently working on her Hollywood project Torn and Two Mothers. Now days she is in news for her vulgar performance in the item song for movie Main Houn Shahid Afridi. Some of her hit dramas are Ladies Park, Mera Saaein 2, Ishq Ibadat, Nur Pur Ki Rani, Mehar Bano aur Shah Bano and Ek Nazar meri taraf.

Mahnoor Baloch Drama 'Mayra Saein'

Mahnoor Baloch on Drama Serial ‘Mayra Saein’

Mahnoor Baloch Drama 'Muhabbat Rooth Jaiy Tou'

Mahnoor Baloch on Nikkah Scene ‘Muhabbat Rooth Jaiy Tou’

Mahnoor Baloch and Babar Ali

Mahnoor Baloch with Babar Ali

Mahnoor Baloch and Mohib Mirza

Mahnoor Baloch with Mohib Mirza

Mahnoor Baloch, Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar

Mahnoor Baloch with Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omar

Mahnoor Baloch News Stories

Mahnoor Baloch may be young at heart but in reality she is working hard to maintain her young look even at the age of 44. Mahnoor baloch wanted to become a psychiatrist before joining showbiz. She was also in the top ten list of most young looking South Asian faces along with SriDevi.

Mahnoor Baloch Interview

Mahnoor Baloch is a veteran actress of Pakistan. She said that she doesn’t like showbiz for money she like it because of fans and respect she got from it. About the style she said that fashion doesn’t mean that you have to be vulgar, she described it further and said that ai have to wear a skirt in a fashion show which was pretty embarrassing for me and it was my last fashion show and after that I left modeling. Mahnoor said that she loves to be in limelight because everyone wants unconditional loves and care and I pretty enjoy it. About her marriage she said that her marriage was not arranged one. She and Hamid were in love at a very young age so their parents tied the knot with their agreement.

Mahnoor Baloch at Wedding Scene

Mahnoor Baloch while a shoot

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