Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 – Based on Viewership Research

Although Pakistan has a range of the banks but research has shown the following top ten banks are operating in Pakistan, however some of them operate at an international level as well. Even though Pakistan has a total of several hundreds of banks, there are few which are mostly preferred by the customer, in this article all the top ten banks have been mentioned along with the characteristics and their specific aspects which differentiates them from other. The difference among the banks has played important role in deciding to avail services by the customers. Because a customer want to be facilitated at the best, and the bank could also be operable as long as it has its customers. Therefore it is also need of the bank to take care of the customers. Here is list of the top ten banks in Pakistan 2014 based on viewership research.

Top Ten banks of Pakistan 2014

NOTE: This ranking is 100% based on Google Keyword Planner, we got to know the number of monthly searches of each bank that people search via web browsing to avail the online services and information. So, obviously the most searching keyword is ‘Askari Bank’, and one more thing to mention; some banks have same number of searches so in this case we have seen the CPC value.

1. Askari Bank

Askari Bank is one the Pakistan’s leading private sector banks, which has various branches across the world. It delivers quality services with the help of its professional staff and with the innovative technologies. It strives its best to provide the services within the high ethical and highly professional standards. Its core values includes commitment, integrity, fairness, teamwork and to provide services through its dedicated team. It provides Islamic banking due to which it is preferred by the customers. Its services include agriculture banking, consumer banking, corporate banking and most importantly Islamic banking.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Askari Bank

2. Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah is one of the leading banks of the country, its services include personal banking, cooperate and investment banking, treasury and institutional banking, business banking which includes business loans and agriculture loans, personal saving products, branchless banking , self-services banking and most importantly Islamic banking. It helps the customers to enhance their business and to flourish and to grow it with ease. It also provides convenience in great savings. If you have a best plan your mind, you should have help from bank Alfalah. It also provides loans at a very lowest mark ups.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Bank Alfalah

3. National Bank of Pakistan

National bank of Pakistan is one of the leading banks of the country. Currently its one of the most important projects include loan scheme to the youth, which is called Prime Ministers business youth scheme. This scheme has been appreciated across country. It services include the agriculture farm programs, NBP Saaiban which is home financing scheme. Its code of conduct includes  progress, prosperity, vision and leadership through introducing technology in order to provide satisfactory services. It’s one of the most important services include aitmad Islamic banking.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

4. Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited is the first commercial bank which is established in Pakistan soon after the independence 1947. It has one of largest network in Pakistan, it has total of fifteen hundred branches and 1200 tam all over the country. Moreover the Government of Pakistan privatize it as late as in 2004, in which Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development acquired 51% shareholding. HBL provides its services to both the individual customers and business customers. Moreover it also provides Islamic Banking.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Habib Bank Limited

5. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank strives its best to provide best of its services to the customers. It helps its customer to take loans for the investment, provides insurance services. The banking services includes online banking, breeze mobile, phone banking, ATMs and branches, cash deposit machines and SMS banking. It also helps to get both debit and credit cards, which helps the customers to in balance transfer facility and cash back. In addition the saving accounts have also been helpful in securing the futures of the customers at reliable interest rates.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Standard Chartered Bank

6. Habib Metropolitan Bank

Habib Metropolitan Bank was incorporate in Pakistan and is listed in Public Companies. The company started operating in 1992. It operates in all the major cities of Pakistan. Its services include retail banking, trade financing, e-banking, and consumer banking to all the customers. The Islamic banking helps the customers to run their financial matters according to Shariah compliant.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Habib Metropolitan Bank

7. United Bank Limited

United Bank Limited is one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan. It has a total of more than 1320 online branches in Pakistan, moreover it also operates internationally and it has its branches in United States of America, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and the republic of Yemen. It provides its online banking system which helps customer to operate transactions including cash deposit, cheque encashment, stop payment, account statement, fund transfers, bill payments which could be done without approaching the branches.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - United Bank Limited

8. Muslim Commercial Bank

Muslim Commercial bank was nationalized in 1974 during the realm of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. It is one of the leading banks of Pakistan which provides financial solutions to the major segments of its customers. It also provides an Islamic banking service which helps its customers to carry on their business according to Shariah law, moreover its services also includes assistance for the local and international trading.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

9. Bank Al Habib Limited

It is one of the leading growing banks in Pakistan, and it has been listed as one of the top best under a billion companies under Forbes Asia during 2005. It is striving to provide best services to the customers with the help of highly groomed professionals and with the help of advance technology. its ATM services are the third largest services in Pakistan which helps to operate various transactions without approaching the branch.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Bank Al Habib Limited

10. Allied Bank Limited

Allied Bank Limited comes in the 10th number of top ten banks in Pakistan 2014, it provides its service to the customers in a reliable way, its services includes personal banking, business banking, and investment opportunities for the last seventy successful years. It is one of the fastest and the authentic bank where you can get your international transactions easily and it provides user friendly environment. Moreover it also provides services to grow businesses.

Listing Top Ten Banks in Pakistan 2014 - Allied Bank Limited

Thus these banks strive their best to provide services to the customers with the help of their dedicated teams and the sophisticated technologies. The provision of the best services is the cause of their success, this is how the customers can trust these financial institution and the customers decide to take their services.

You can have a look at the previous year’s top ten list (2013).

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