Leonardo DiCaprio First Movie: Critters 3 In 1991

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the stylish and talented superstars of Hollywood films. He is the boy who lived his childhood in Los Angeles, and he is the only son of German mother and Italian father. He has another name Wilhelm, and he was very passionate about acting from the early age and after hard struggle he found a chance in 1991. Leonardo DiCaprio first movie is “Critters 3”.

This movie gives him a great breakthrough and success and after this he done number of unforgettable movies which did great business on Box office and he had the win so many awards for these films. But Critters 3 was most important movie for him because in this movie he found first chance to show himself as a super star and this film was the third film of Critters series which was released in December 1991, directed by Kristine Peterson.

Lionardo Dicaprio in Critters 3 3

This story was based on the imaginary creature called crite which are hunting and eating human beings and Josh (Leonardo DiCaprio), and his family are trying to save themselves from this destruction. That was the story of war between men and little monsters.

A fight of survival where everyone is fighting to save there lives. There is a little bit fun and joking element in this film but most of the film scenes consist of a combination of horror, suspense, love, fight, attack and thrill. Critters 3 movie consist good cast and a good story but it was not a hit movie, and many criticize reviews, and rumors appear in the news about this film.

Lionardo Dicaprio in Critters 3

Leonardo DiCaprio performs his first film role very impressively even he was very young, but he made a huge fan following from this film. Although this film did not do good business in Box office, but this film proved that Leonardo DiCaprio has the quality to be the superstar of the future.

Lionardo Dicaprio in Critters 3 4

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