Lasik Eye Surgery Disadvantages – 22 Warning Points

Lasik eye surgery is the most popular surgical procedure performed now a day for the correction of refractive errors such as myopia (short sightedness), hypermytropia (long sightedness) and astigmatism. Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis involves formation of corneal flap, application of laser on corneal stoma and finally replacement of the flap back on its place. This procedure is simple but has several disadvantages which are listed below:

◘ 1.

The flap created never heals or heals only on its edges postoperatively leaving the patients at higher risk of progressive disability of vision, general corneal weakness, dilation or distention of cornea and traumatic flap displacement.

◘ 2.

Partial vision loss can also occur after the Lasik surgery.

◘ 3.

Glare which is eye discomfort or depressed central vision is produced due to dark adaptation of eye after the procedure.

◘ 4.

Colored or luminous circles in light called as halos can also be caused due to dilated pupil.

Lasik Eye Surgery disadvantages

◘ 5.

This procedure can also lead to poor night vision.

◘ 6.

Eyes can have increased light sensitivity.

◘ 7.

Overtreatment and under treatment that is change in refractive power more then or less then needed is a major risk factor.

◘ 8.

Dry eye following the Lasik procedure may be experienced which can proceed to dry eye syndrome. Use of artificial tears or punctual occlusion is the treatment for combating this disadvantage.

◘ 9.

Diffused lamellar keratitis is another disadvantage of this treatment. It happens due to accumulation of white blood cells between corneal flap and stroma as result of inflammation.

◘ 10.

Sub conjunctival hemorrhage in sclera in the process of flap creation may also take place.

◘ 11.

Permanent corneal scarring and distortion can occur due to which wearing contact lens becomes impossible for ever.

Lasik Eye Surgery side effects

◘ 12.

Lasik surgery makes diagnosis and treatment of other eye problems difficult such as measurement of intra ocular pressure for diagnosis of glaucoma and selection of correct implants for cataract surgery.

◘ 13.

Retinal detachment that is accumulation of fluid between sensory retina and retinal pigment epithelium can occur in 0.36 percent of the patients.

◘ 14.

Neovascularization that is formation of new vessels in corodial area can also occur after Lasik eye surgery in 0.33 percent of the patients.

◘ 15.

Uveitis mostly anterior uveitis can occur as a post surgical complication.

◘ 16.

Myopic shift at extreme altitudes can also be experienced by people such as mountain climbers.

Lasik Eye Surgery Disadvantages – eye quotes

◘ 17.

Corneal keratocytes that have a function of maintaining transparency of eye and optimal refraction are reduced after surgery.

◘ 18.

Patients with high refractive errors may still find a need to use glasses or contact lenses even after the surgery.

◘ 19.

Contrast sensitivity that is difference in brightness of one object from other object in the same visual field can be experienced.

◘ 20.

Instead of correcting astigmatism, Lasik may lead to irregular astigmatism that is formation of multiple focal point of the light in eye.

◘ 21.

Starburst that is exploding of the falling light rays on eyes in a shape of star causing blurring of vision may be experienced.

◘ 22.

This procedure is quiet expensive and the surgeons who offers a cheap surgery will most probably be providing service with bad quality equipment or have a large sum of hidden charges.

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