Lasik Eye Surgery Advantages – 13 Points To Bear in Mind

Lasik Eye Surgery is the procedure that is carried out now days for correction of several refractive errors. The term LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileussi. It is a procedure in which a flap is created in cornea with the help of microkeratome and corneal stroma is excised as per need and the corneal flap is repositioned. The refractive errors which it corrects includes myopia, in which image is formed in front of the retina, hypermetropia, in which image is formed behind the retina, astigmatism in which light rays forms multiple focal points and in some cases of persbiopya which is inability to focus near objects due to loss of elasticity of cillary muscles with age.

There are several lasik eye surgery advantages. Some of them are listed below:

◘ 1.

Lasik is able to correct most myopia, hypermytropia and astigmatism of almost any level.

◘ 2.

The procedure of lasik is very fast and can be performed in as sort as five to 10 minutes.

◘ 3.

Microkeratome is used during the surgery which causes very minimal tissue destruction hence the post operative pain and discomfort of this procedure is very less.

◘ 4.

As the procedure is only minimally invasive, the post operative recovery of lasik is swift and the positive results can be see maximally in 24 hours and minimally within an hour.

◘ 5.

The lasik procedure is made so cinch with the use of state of the art technology that both eyes can be operated at the same time in one sitting. This saves both patients and the surgeon’s time.

Lasik Eye Surgery advantages

◘ 6.

Lasik is a computer guided procedure so not only the chances of error are reduced many folds but the outcome is very predictable and precise.

◘ 7.

Due to high accuracy rate and perfect predictability of the outcome desired results are usually achieved with just a single treatment.

◘ 8.

If the eyes face another bout of refractive error due to any reason, enhancement in the previous correction is possible even after many years.

Lasik Eye Surgery Advantages - eye quote by Mahatma Gandhi

◘ 9.

The flap during the surgery is made with the help of microkeratome and the corneal stoma is burned with the help of a laser so no suture or bandage is required after the surgery.

◘ 10.

Mostly lasik corrects the refractive error completely eliminating the need to use glasses or contact lenses ever again.

◘ 11.

The procedure of lasik not only returns complete natural vision but also improves the cosmetic appearance by eliminating the need to use glasses ever again.

Lasik Eye Surgery Advantages - William Shakespeare eye quote

◘ 12.

One of the unique advantages of lasik surgery is that this ultra modern excimer laser has in built tracking devices which are able to track movement up to 4000 times per second. This means that the equipment used are so advanced that they are able to track any involuntary eye movements during the surgery.

◘ 13.

This procedure due to its above mentioned advantages not only eliminates the adverse effects caused by use of glasses and contact lenses but also greatly improves the quality of life.

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