Is It The Diet Or Exercise That Helps In Loosing Weight Fast?

When one feels that he or she has gained some weight and now needs to reduce it, the
most common words that a person hears in this regard is to either start working out,
that is, doing exercises or start controlling the diet. For this, people start working out or
adopt some sort of diet plan that could help them see the needle of the weight machine
showing less weight when they step on it. After few days, when they see that the result is
not as they were expecting, they get disheartened and order a pizza. Now the question is
what is the actual ingredient in reducing weight. Where they should be actually focusing
so that they could get the desired results?. The answer to this question, is simple yet
complicated, as well. Let us first hear from an expert what he has to say about this:

According to Dr. Donald, who is giving his services at the Mayo Clinic, says that in order
to lose weight, cutting in the amount of calories i.e. in taking lesser amount of calories is
far more effective as compared to burning of the calories that a person takes daily. This
does not means that Dr. Donald is against doing exercises. He also says that keeping
some exercises in your routine helps in maintaining the weight that a person has reduced.
Studies in this respect have also shown that those persons who have reduced their weight
by controlling their calories will also be able to maintain it if they do proper exercises on
a regular basis.

After hearing what an expert has to say, lets talk about how a person could cut calories
from diet. Well this part is not much difficult. The most difficult part is to identify
those food items that provide a much higher quantity of calories that generally includes
sugar and processed food, and after that, cutting those food items from your list. If one
wants to reduce his or her weight, than that is the sacrifice which has to be made. Also
taking such food items (fruits and vegetables) that provide more minerals, fastens the
process of metabolism and helps in replacing with those food items that provide much
higher calories is another important aspect when talking about losing some weight.
You will not be able to do this over night. This practice has to be adopted gradually and
consistently working on it,is the key in achieving your goal.

This explains why people give importance to diet, but what about those people who
give importance towards exercise. The reason for giving equal importance to exercise
is that when a person is able to lose his weight by cutting the calories level, it is
important to maintain it that could only happen through doing exercise on a regular basis.
Exercise can help in giving strength to heart muscles, can reduce the heart attack risk,
increase the capacity of lungs, maintain blood pressure and cholesterol level and also in
controlling diabetes. Exercise will also help in providing better sleep that can also help in
maintaining of weight.

At the end, we can say that it is the combination of both, having a proper diet with fewer
calories intake and also doing exercises on a regular basis, that will help in reducing and
maintaining of the reduced weight that can only be achieved if one has patience because
good results can only be obtained if you give sufficient time to it.

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