IPod Nano 7th Generation – Preference of The New Generation


IPod Nano 7th generation has launched from apple on 12 September 2012. Actually IPod stands for portable media player which is the demand of young generation of this era. The first generation of IPod has introduced from apple in the year of 2005 after 8 years of completion it has even amazing pieces of gadgets from apple in the market. In the beginning it comes up with short memory storage and very basic features but as the times goes on the IPod introduces new and innovative features in Nano. IPod nano comes up with different colours to attract people toward it and give you a stylish look.



IPod Nano 7th Generation Review

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In the 7th generation of IPod Nano the internal memory is not increased as compare with the previous model, its memory is 16GB. One amazing thing about this model is that, it is the thinnest IPod until yet which is 38 percent more thinner than the previous one. In 7th generation apple introduces to use wireless handset facility so that you can get rid of wires, it has a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. It comes up with 7 different colours to make you stylish according to your taste. The screen is large and touch facility is built-in to facilitate the user at its peak.

Features IPod Nano 7th Specifications
Design and Display It has new large 2.5 inch Multi-touch screen, screen pixels 240x432x202 PPI, Product size is 3.9×2.2×1.3 inches, weight of the product is 1.1 ounces only.
Memory 16 GB
Battery As per rated battery back is 30 Hours for audio and 3.5 Hours for video.
Camera No Camera
Entertainment FM radio with Live Pause, Built-in pedometer for fitness, Built-in Nike+ support for voice feedback and syncing to nikeplus.com
Audio & Video AAC (8 to 320 Kbits/s), MP3(8 to 320 Kibt/s) including variable bit rate files, Audible format 2,3 and 4,
Network/Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity

Apple IPod Nano 7th generations Review by Customers

According to the fans of apple they really like the 7th generation IPod Nano. According to several people the most amazing feature is the battery back because it is more than 1 day. The design is slim which attract the people; another amazing feature is its wireless headset connectivity which is the true requirement of this era. The capacity is enough which is another amazing thing to store a lot of stuff. Hence the overall package of IPod Nano 7th generation is amazing piece of gadget.

Review of IPod Nano 7th Generation

◘ Critical Feedback

McLovin says about the Device that ‘The fact that this product is small and can hold a lot of music, you would think would make a great product that is easy to use. Here is the catch, the lack of any lock button muting all the outer buttons makes this product a real hassle to use. I LOVE working out, and having my music shut off mid song or have the volume increase to ear busting… Read Full Review

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