IPod Nano 6th Generation – Touch-Sensitive Display

In Actuality, What is IPod Nano 6th Generation?

IPod Nano is the portable entertainment package which is launched by Apple Inc. IPod has many generations; IPod has launched its 6th generation. The 1st IPod was launched in 2005 and until now it has launched 6th generation and all are good from previous one. But according to reviews and news the Best Gadget iPod Nano 5th Generation 2013 is awarded. In this article you will reveal the features of IPod generations. The basic features of IPod are to store videos, music and pictures which will give you complete blast of entertainment where ever you are in this world. The 7th generation is also launched in the market last year 2013. These are the history and basics of IPods.

IPod Nano 6th Generation Review

In the year of 2009 September, IPod has launched its 5th generation with a discounted price. At that time the price of 8GB nano IPod was only 149 dollars and 16 GB was just 179 dollar which is reasonable for common people. The size of the screen was 2.22inch which is bigger than 4th generation and average size to carry anywhere. In this generation it has video maker, FM radio with RDS and many other special effects in making videos. You can watch video and pause it while playing, this is advance feature than its previous generations. The 5th generation IPod comes along with 9 colors so that everyone can have their own taste of colors. These are the basic 5th generation if IPod nano.

6th Generation Launching Date

The 6th generation of IPod was launched in 2011; this generation has higher resolution and the touch screen feature. The screen size of this generation is reduced from the previous one which is just 1.55inch. Due to touch screen and high resolution system the battery backup is also reduced from the previous one. Just because of touch screen system the price of this IPod generation is increased from the previous one. The software version is updated in this generation with some good features like clock theme, desktop themes and many others. It has built in speaker so that you can make it as party device without connecting external speakers. It has also video camera, built in voice recorder, FM radio and lots of other features. These are the basic features of 6th generation IPod nano.

IPod Nano 6th Generation Size

Basic Features of 5th and 6th Generation

These are the basic features of 5th generation and 6th generation, but as we mention above that according to the survey the Best Gadget iPod Nano 5th Generation 2013 is listen among all because it has all the basic features which makes you entertain all the time and it is quite cheaper with its advance generations. The battery back of this generation is also much higher than 6th and 7th generation. There are lot of people who mention in the review over the internet that IPod Nano 6th generation is just the wastage of money in front of 5th generation. If you are planning to purchase an IPod for you daily use, according to our research the 5th generation is best among all.

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