Interesting Top 10 Facts About Justin Bieber House

Justin Bieber House

Each of us would love to have a very comfortable and a great what, probably because the house is only place where we born, grow, play and share beautiful memories with the blood relations. May be this is why we call it, “home sweet home. ” Like many of the other celebrities Justin Bieber has recently bought a marvelous home, we are up with some of the facts of it. Here you go.

Justine Bieber

Fact #1: The youngest singing Canadian star and songwriter is reported to buy the fanatically awesome Hollywood Hills house from Ashton Kutcher, ranging around $2 million. The 9,385-square-foot house has a pool, a wine cellar, glass walls, and wonderful views of the surrounding hills. It was first noticed the house back in June 2011 when it was the price chopped to $10.8 million which was $12.5 million was earlier.

Fact #2: The Lake Hollywood house in which Kuther was seen around during the December is now rented for monthly value of $50,000 by Bieber.

Fact #3: It has five bedrooms, a gym, theater, and eight bedrooms. The side by pool adds much beauty to the house. His house is designed by the renowned designer and well-known Arif-Noor who is great fashion executive.

Justine Bieber house living roomJustine Bieber house 9

Fact #4: The fantastic house is bought by him with the intention to have a lovenest for her fantastic girlfriend Selena Gomez and himself. It seems he much concern for his pretty darling.

Fact #5: Stretched over an area of more than 9400 square feet this house has much space for play as well as for all other activities. The house has five bedrooms. This house is perfect in its location featuring a living room allowing people to view the Lake Hollywood through its glass walls.

Fact #6: The house is large enough to keep up a private bar area, a private movie theater and a gigantic gym along with the huge massage room for their usage. With awesome glow of colors and the superclass architecture, it is perfect in its look and location. Both of which are highly appreciable.

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Fact #7: With its perfect location this house looks extraordinary and a dream house at night when all the lights are turned on, giving a glamorous look to the surrounding. With exteriors blends of natural sceneries, the perfect interior designing gives the house a unique view of both charm and beauty.

Fact #8: Each of the bedrooms is well decorated with canvases on the walls and the perfect combination of the colors. Most of them are decorated in the blends of light colors particularly white.

Justine Bieber house 6

Fact #9: The gym is also perfectly designed and is filled with the instruments. Its unique set up is catchy probably fans would like to copy it so set up a similar one at their homes.

Fact #10: Well-furnished kitchen is beyond your imagination. With the glass windows through which greenery can easily be viewed and felt this is perfectly designed. The little drawers around the four walls give an easy to access situation to everything around.

Justine Bieber house

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