Imran Abbas Wife – ‘In a Real Life, He was Called Dramabaz’

Imran Abbas Biography

Fans of the handsome man, having all ears that they could scratch out a photo of Imran Abbas Wife in the news, social media or else.

Imran Naqvi is a Pakistani actor, model and presenter. He was born on October 15, 1982 in Lahore. He is 30 years old and the heart throb of millions of girls across both sides of border. He studied architecture at the National College of Arts in Lahore. He is basically an architect by profession. He is also known as an Urdu poet. He is well known for his striking good looks and acting talent. With a height of 6’0 and hazel brown eyes he is very much admired and got instantly hit.

Imran Abbas Childhood Pic

Imran Abbas Childhood

Imran Abbas while driving

Imran, while driving

Imran Abbas Wedding

Despite of his young age success and handsome looks Imran does take his stardom in a negative way as he was involved in no serious scandal in his career. But he is a very good friend of Pakistan’s supermodel Tooba Siddique but they both only kept this to friendship, atleast on camera. Recently Imran is bonded very well to the Indian actress Bipasha Basu as both of them are shooting an Indian film together.

Imran Abbas Modeling

Imran in a groom’s gate up at Modeling

Imran Abbas Wedding Scene on a Drama Serial

Imran Abbas wife, not in a real life (at Modeling)

Imran Abbas with Bipasha Basu while a Shoot Break

Imran Abbas with Bipasha Basu while a Shoot Break on the movie ‘Creature’

Imran Abbas Showbiz Career

Imran started his career as a model in 2003 from a photo shoot for Khawar Riaz. He was studying architecture in NCA he was offered a modeling contract due to his handsome looks. He is best known for his performance as Hammad in Khuda Aur Muhabbat. His first drama was Umrao Jaan in 2003 for Geo TV which gave him a lot of positive critic reviews and made him a star by night. He made debut into the film from Lollywood film Anjuman opposite Sara Loren. He is also brand ambassador for many famous multinational brands like Sprite, Qmobile, Nestle, Polo, Coca Cola and Head and Shoulders. Some of his hit dramas – are Meri Zaat Zarra e-Benishan, Khuda Aur Muhabbat, Dil e Muztar, Akbari Asghari and Vasl.

Imran Abbas in Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Imran Abbas in ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’

Imran Abbas on mera Naseeb

Imran on ‘Mera Naseeb’

Imran Abbas with Tooba Siddiqui and Mahnoor Baloch on noor Bano

Imran Abbas with Tooba Siddiqui and Mahnoor Baloch on ‘Noor Bano’

Imran Abbas on Quetta, Shooting a film for an International film festival

Imran Abbas Naqvi on Quetta, Shooting a film for an International film festival

Imran Abbas News Stories

Imran Abbas is currently working in a bollywood horror 3D film Creature opposite Bipasha Basu, the film is expected to release in 2014. Imran Abbas is currently facing bad luck as he was working opposite Akhsay Kumar in a Bollywood film but was casted out from the film due to a misunderstanding. He was also offered the lead role in Ashiqui 2 but he turned it down and the movie turned out to be a blockbuster of 2013 and Imran posted on his twitter account that he regret that he turned down the offer.

Imran Abbas and Bipasha Basu

Imran Abbas and Bipasha Basu

Imran Abbas Interview

Imran Abbas is the best known for his appealing looks and acting talent. When he was asked about his stardom’s appealness he answered that it is good to be famous and rich but he misses his azaadi days as he can freely hangout with all friends in those days but now there are fans everywhere and a crowd gathers around me. In an answer to a question about field of acting he answered that all of the credit goes to the Sultana Siddiqui who saw talent in me and gave me work drama after drama. I was called a dramabaz by family from childhood so I thought let’s give it a try. He later said that he will love to visit turkey and he often forgets people’s faces easily and he loves to eat Italian and his mother’s hand cooked food. His favorite color is blue and yellow he loves to drink Red Bull. He admires dressing sense and communication skills of one. He is attracted to someone intelligent.

Imran with his fans in Bahawalpur during the shooting of NoorBano

Imran with his fans in Bahawalpur during the shooting of NoorBano

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