How to Lose Belly Fat? Simply By Avoiding Unhealthy Food

One of the major issues being faced by many females nowadays is how to lose belly fat. Getting rid of belly fat can be a real pain and a pretty hard task to accomplish when living in an era where consumption of fast food is inevitably and noticeably great. Going out on a business meeting? You must be looking perfect in that dress you are wearing. Slender shoulders and an exquisite profile. Oh but wait, what is that? Belly fat?

Belly fat comes with the type of diet you take, and sitting continuously on chair for several hours. It is important that you get rid of it because seriously not only it looks bad, but also, it can prove to be dangerous for your health. Let’s face it; there is nothing more important than good health. Now if you’re thinking how to lose belly fat you carry with you everywhere and everyday then let me tell you the answer is here in this very article.

How to Lose Belly Fat By Avoiding;

1. Going to work without having breakfast; What does breakfast mean? The answer lies in the word itself. Break your fast! After sleeping for 6-9 hours at night, the level of glucose in your body drops considerably. It’s like your body has gone into hibernation mode. To kick-start your metabolism and to keep your insulin levels steady it is important to eat breakfast. It also helps to keep your cholesterol levels lower. Try to take protein rich meals in the morning. For example, eggs and peanut butter. You can even go with cereals and fresh fruits. They all take longer time to break down thank sugars and carbohydrates as a result they create a feeling a satiety, that is, a feeling of fullness.

How to Lose Belly Fat By Avoiding - Breakfast is essential

2. Fast Food/Caloric Intake; Fast food has proved to be hazardous for health. Fast food contains Tran’s fat which is a type of unsaturated fats. When these fats are deposited down your abdomen as belly fats they release substances which can cause cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer which includes breast and colon cancer. Take care of your health by eating good fats. It takes fat to burn fat. Good fats are unsaturated fats and they are present in nuts, soya beans, avocados (which are also known as butter pears for their high fat content), eggs, olive oil and fish.

How to Lose Belly Fat By Avoiding - Fast food or junk food is unhealthy

3. Fizzy Drinks; Say no to fizzy drinks as they are nothing but calories. Each serving of these drinks contains three hundred calories. They will do nothing but puff you out. Drink water instead because water has zero calories. It is said that excess of everything is bad, excluding water. More water intake means more urination due to which excess of glucose will be excreted out of your body. To add a little flavor you can add lemon or mint leaves to the water.

How to Lose Belly Fat By Avoiding - Fizzy Drinks

There are plenty of things you can do when it comes to how to lose belly fat. Start walking instead of driving. Use stairs instead of elevators. Increase your daily fiber intake to twenty grams and restrict your caloric intake. Start skipping as it burns more calories than running. Exercise in the morning. Drink green tea as they contain antioxidants and they are proved to be healthy. Take vitamin C which is found in many fruits. Vitamin C helps to turn fat into fuel. You can call it your fat burning buddy. Drink water before every meal and walk at least two hundred steps after every meal. If you start taking these precautions you can lose that belly fat in no time.

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