How Technology Make Traveling Real For Us?

Technology is a miracle that is taking the world to the next levels of headway. The tech concepts are engulfing the world of tourism as well, by easing travelers and making their tours more luxurious and comfortable. It do provide all that we need, here we came up with some tech benefits to the world wanderers.

1. Inspiration to Travel

Inspiration to Travel

Yeah you got it right! Technology do really inspires us to travel by supporting our desire of exploring and traversing. It all begins when the developing information and communication technologies brings us a range of travel activities, wonderful destinations, preliminary search and comparisons. A traveler’s world gets easier to plan, decide and to spend over. Today the most interactive and innovation solution comes through pictures, Such as Pix-Me-Away, developed by Pixtri OG, is a picture- based search engine that allows tourists to choose their destination, travel type and travel recommendations.It truly works to evoke your sense of wanderlust!

2. Airport Layover- more than a stay

Airport Layover- more than a stay

While traveling a number of times you get encountered with long layovers at the airport. The situation could be boring, tiring and worse than you have ever dreamt of. Thanks to the technology think tanks that they have taken traveler’s mobility as a serious concern. A number of different technologies come into use, by which travelers can now interact with Google play content while being on the move, in transit or at the destination. Travelers can now get connected with search engines and can download the desired apps using free airport Wi-Fi. It keeps you online all the time for your most important personal commitments and urgent business affairs.

3. Creating A Traveler’s Social Club

Creating A Traveler’s Social Club

Think what if you can have a choice to choose your travel companion at the touch points of booking and reservation. Of course it would be a brilliant option, you have ever get facilitate with. The tourism industry has witnessed revolution with the break-through social seating initiative called “Meat and Seat”. A newly evolved technology by KLM comes into place through social media engagement, by facilitating customer-to-customer interaction online. It enables travelers to find a companion of their choice within the same flight, by accessing to other passenger’s Facebook and linked in profiles. A real flight experience that gets more engaging!

4. Exploring A Whole New World

Exploring A Whole New World

Today you are able to create new social media exposure while traveling more than ever before. Now you can think beyond the conventional connectivity to tourism and service providers. Today the Airbnb site permits you to connect with locals for more socialize tourism experience. Tourists can come across several unique opportunities and can get in touch with the accommodation for more of an authentic travel happening, with a chance to immerse in the local way of life.

5. Enhanced Destination Experience

Enhanced Destination Experience

Your travel seems to be partial without any social media update. The social media technology have taken the concept of connectivity to the next level, by allowing tourists not only to engage but also to post, share and co-create their experiences with and other tourists online. You could find several Facebook pages of renowned destinations that are completely consumer generated – listing several top locations and travel suggestions. You can visit; post and comment to get indulge in traveler’s pivot.

6. Personalized Your Hotel Experience

Personalized Your Hotel Experience

Your hotel experience becomes more lavish when it gets personalized according to your aesthetics. It brings a sense of preference and satisfaction; therefore the tourism bound hotels are increasingly looking into enabling tourists to personalize services. It gives them the possibility to change settings, adapt to their personal preferences and determine information for their specific needs. Recent examples show that technology will provide the key tool to collect, store and retrieve customer information to facilitate more personalized tourism.

7. The App support

The App support

Out of the conventional boundaries your travel today gets smarter with the use of modern tech-apps. They can be simply downloaded to your cell phones, tabs or laptops to facilitate. Apps like Waze, Packing Pro, Localeur, Tourist eye and flight track will aid you in every aspect from affordable accommodation to flight schedules of your vacations. These Apps are efficient, active and programmed to tackle your travel plans. So just be relaxed and enjoy the marvels of technology!

8. Restaurants Being More impressive

Restaurants Being More impressive

Restaurants and eateries are eminent for traveling. The emerging technologies are not only altering current experiences but also lead to new types of tourism trends. The restaurant business is competitive, and restaurateurs increasingly need to add customer value through innovative approaches. One of the best practices observed is introducing E-Table, an interactive ordering system which uses a combination of table touch-pads and overhead projection. It will give you a complete digitalized dining experience.

9. Sharing your brilliant experiences

Sharing your brilliant experiences

The post-travel stage gets more reinvigorating when it comes to share reviews, personal experiences and videos everywhere on social media. These reviews become inspirational notes for the ones planning to travel. With IT you could enjoy every bit of it, as you could find several networking sites and virtual communities in tourism that facilitates the sharing and reviewing of all hotels and tourism activities around the world. It empowers individuals to engage in discussion forums to communicate and share with each other. It is an effective customer-to-customer interaction and post-travel co-creation, outside the provider sphere, among peers.

Guest Post by Jovago

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