How Standard Chartered Online Banking work in Pakistan

Today I will explain how Standard Chartered Online Banking Pakistan Actually work and little intro about SCB Pakistan. Standard Chartered bank is a British multinational or global banking and economic facilities corporation headquartered in the very famous and lavish city London of United Kingdom. It regulates a system of over 1,900 branches or subdivisions and orifices including subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates throughout more than 75nations and employmentsabout90,000 individuals. It is a worldwide bank with procedures in customer, business and recognized banking, and bank account facilities. In spite of its United Kingdom base, about95% of its revenues comes from the countries like Africa, Middle East and Asia.Standard Chartered Online Banking Pakistan

The Chartered Bank instigated when the great Sovereign Victoria approved a Noble License to Scotsman Mr James Wilson in the year 1853. Standard Chartered released its initial branches in the city like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Shanghai in the year 1858, shadowed by Singapore and Hong Kong in the year 1859. The SCB started delivering banknotes or dollar boils of the Hong Kong dollar in the year 1862.The Standard Bank was a British bank originated in well-known city of Cape Province of South Africa in the year 1862 by Scot.

Standard Chartered Online Banking Pakistan Facilities:

Standard Charterer’s Online Banking stage is protected, easy, and totally free, so one can easily right of entry a extensive variety of banking facilities and features from wherever place in the world. There are many features associated to standard chartered online banking system just like.

  • Funds Transfer Facility
  • Financial Statement Info
  • Investment services
  • Credit Cards Services
  • Online Applications
  • Paying of Bills

Account information facility which provides access up to date info on your financial records (Accounts), it also checks the positionor status instead of the cheques delivered on your accounts or financial records, and also printing facility of traction statement.

Standard Chartered Online Banking System


Determine a Modest, Protected and Expedient route to pay all your valuable Utility Bills via Online Banking of Standard Chartered. You can pay landlines, Pay your mobile bills, electricity, insurance and water payments online via Standard Chartered Bill Pay. SCB has an extensive handbook of billers that you may create payments to.

Standard Chartered Online Banking Pakistan is a ground-breaking Online Banking facility which one may adapt to ensemble your accurate banking requirements. It provides you suitability day and night continues banking facilities reaching from everyday account relocation transactions to here and now valued financial info.

Online Banking Security:

As one of the famous bank, Standard Chartered has done a lot about security things and have made it enough secure for its valuable customers. The development of the internet has accessible and have presented greater portability for all the users, but it also carries and brings a new dangers that ought to be safe guarded beside. So, they are dedicated to keeping us and our accounts info safe and protected.

In order to confirm the effective accomplishment of all clients’ transactions, bank kindly appeal from all their Online Banking clienteles to update their cell phone numbers time to time via the update information link usually available on their Online Banking page on site.

How to get Standard Chartered Bank Account ?

To delight in using these facilities all of us just need to apply for our secure password in any of their Branches, Apply as soon as possible and enjoy the fun, flexibility, advancement system and do welcome Standard Chartered Online Banking Pakistan. For more information please post comment here or call SCB help Line.


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