HBL Islamic Banking – Murabaha, Diminishing, Musharaka And Ijarah

Pakistan has a range of the banks which provide banking services according to the Shariah complaint. Habib bank limited is through its HBL Islamic banking provides finance according to the Islamic way of finance. Habib bank was the first commercial bank to be established in Pakistan soon after its independence. Over the time period its has expended its network over the country and it has a total of more than fifteen hundred branches in Pakistan which are providing its services with its dedicated team and the involvement of the advanced technology. HBL which was a public sector bank which was than privatized as late as in 2004 through which Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development has acquired its 51% shares.

HBL Islamic Banking Accounts

Best Islamic Services by Trustworthy Bank

The Islamic banking services which is provided by the HBL along with its all other banking services has helped its customers to relied with more confidence and trust, because many of the customer wish to do their monetary transactions according to the Shariah Law. It helps the customer to avail products and services of the banks according to the Shariah compliant. Well in comparison to the all other banks which provide financing according to the Islamic compliant may or may not be approved by the Shariah Advisor but all the services and products which are provided at the habib bank limited are approved by the Shariah Advisor.

HBL Islamic Banking Services

The Shariah Compliant Murabaha Based Deposit

It services includes a wide range of the Shariah Compliant Murabaha based deposit. This investment account is based on the Islamic principle of Murabaha where you share profits and bear losses as set in the Banking Service Agreement. This service is not only provided in the local branches of the bank however this service is provide in many other countries across the world at an international level both in local as well as foreign currency.

Complete List of Leasing Products

It also provides a complete list of leasing products according to the principles and the tenants of Islam. Moreover its services includes Murabaha, Ijarah, Diminishing Musharaka based financing products. These all three are the ways to make your financial transactions keep the basic principles of the religion, due to which you can have a peace of mind and soul. It will also give you satisfaction at an ultimate level because due to the reason that may of the banks do not provide Islamic banking therefore many people deny to make their transactions with the financial institutions. In addition to its services it provides a complete range of trade services according to the Islamic law.

Best Service is HBL Islamic Banking

All the other services which are provided by the bank include funds transfer, utility bills payments, balance inquiry, cheque book requisitions, HBL phone banking which helps you to make transactions any where, HBL mobile banking which has made life easy to a larger extent, internet banking, safety bank lockers, employee salary accounts, HBL products, both credit and debit card issuance, HBL auto car loan and the trade services. To keep in mind these all transactions are done with the Islamic way of transactions. Therefore it is highly recommended that you should keep an account with HBL if you are looking for Shariah based financial transactions and get benefited through HBL Islamic banking.

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