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Banks are highly in demand nowadays. People need some secure place to keep their savings and also some plans to double it. Habib Bank Limited have also lots of to offer like loans, different types of accounts, packages much more.

Habib Bank Limited Branches

If we talk about banks so we have our very classical and most famous bank of Pakistan HBL which is also known as Habib Bank Limited is now mentioned as “HBL Pakistan”, it also has a headquarter in as Habib Bank Plaza, in Karachi, Pakistan. HBL is the biggest bank in Pakistan this bank is almost holding 1500 of the branches only in Pakistan and 55 offices internationally.

It also has a native market shock of over forty percentages. It keeps on ruling the commercial profitable banking division with a chief market shock in inner foreign remittances which is fifty five % and loans to traders, small industries, and farmers. Habib Bank purposes the simple series of banking facilities to its clients, to contain profitable, bank in the evolving marketplaces.

History of Habib Bank Limited

This bank has an incredible history with independence of Pakistan. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Known as father of the nation, understood the reputation and significant role of economic intermediation though he was in the process of campaigning and activism for the development of a separate nation from Indians for the Muslims who used to live in India that time. He converted the Habib family to found a commercial profitable bank that can help the Muslim community of both the nations.

His inventiveness caused in the formation of Habib Bank in the year 1941, with Head Office in the city Bombay which is now called as Mumbai, and fixed investment of twenty five thousand rupees. It has branches in many famous cities of Pakistan like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Dadu, Quetta, Hyderabad, etc. and also international branches in countries like Belgium, Seychelles, Bangladesh, Maldives, Netherlands, Hong Kong Paris, Teheran, Nigeria, Khartoum, Istanbul, New York, Australia, and etc.

Nauman K. Dar, CEO of Habib Bank Limited Pakistan
Nauman K. Dar is the successful C.E.O of Habib bank Pakistan who joined on 3rd March till September 2013. You will find numerous branches along with many ATM machines in almost every city of Pakistan. Habib Bank Limited Pakistan provides credit and debit card services to its clients in order to let them buy their needs at any moment of time without worrying about carry cash. Cards system is very secured even at time of snatching, cards can be block by just clarifying by customer.


Habib Bank Limited International Banking

Internet Banking is something which should be considered seriously as its very beneficial service for customers and also supporting Information technology era. Every bank should be offering internet banking, without any lame excuses. This internet banking thing should also be secure at a same time which can be done by taking care of its security, no excuses. The HBL site has a conspicuous security gap in its HBL Internet Banking facility; even nevertheless it can never directly seem by just observing at the interface.


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