Gul Ahmed Magazine: Silk Karandi Winter Collection

Silk Karandi Collection

Gul Ahmed magazine winter collection 2014 is now in with their huge package. You can carry different stuff according to taste of your choice. Gul Ahmed has always been in names of big textile fashion industry that are now a part of the latest fashion statement. They always try to add value and style in their dresses for their customers to make them feel relax and lighten.

Karandi is a fiber which is made up of Yarn and cotton. Gul Ahmed is now providing you with 100% cotton stuff in Silk Karandi material. Silk adds a shine in the dress while Karandi adds a little dullness to it. If you haven’t checked the details of Karandi collection 2014, let’s have a look with me.

Look 1: KR-8

gul ahmed winter collection 2014 Silk Karandi 1

Image Description: This is a Pakistani Karandi in the form of printed shirt and chiffon dupatta with dyed simple shalwar. Full filled printed shirt with blue and orange color contrast is adding a style to give you a ravishing look.

Look 2: KR-7

gul ahmed winter collection 2014 Silk Karandi 2

Image Description: This is a dull gold color with dark maroon shades at neck line and border line of shirt while the shalwar is simply dyed in maroon. You can fell the smoothness of the stuff in this picture otherwise make sure by visiting your nearby stores.

Look 3

gul ahmed winter collection 2014 Silk Karandi 3

Image Description: Gul Ahmed always tries to fulfill the needs of their customers and to display their products in some stylish, decent and presentable way. The above picture is showing shades of purple on white. A light purple shaded design is embedded in dark small printed shirt.

Look 4: KR-6

gul ahmed winter collection 2014 Silk Karandi 4

Image Description: Isn’t this appealing you? The color looks so fresh and soothing. The whole image is presenting a distinctive, moderate and peaceful look. Agree or not?

Look 5: KR-5

gul ahmed winter collection 2014 Silk Karandi 5

Image Description:The above two images are a part of Gul Ahmed winter silk Karandi collection 2014. Printed shirts and dupatta with dyed shalwar is available for you on all stores on your way so, stay on one and pick up your taste.

Look 6: KR-1 and KR-11

gul ahmed winter collection 2014 Silk Karandi 6

Image Description: The left side image looks amazingly beautiful; color contrast is just perfect in andarakha style. I think this one will definitely be catching you towards itself. The right one looks decent and elegant.

Look 7: KR-9 and KR-3

gul ahmed winter collection 2014 Silk Karandi 7

Image Description: The right one is just a simple styled printed white and grey shirt but what is most attractive in it is its colored dupatta in blue, red, black and white. Left one has its own style and uniqueness as you can see.

So, what you all are waiting for? Just pick up your hand bags and start moving towards Gul Ahmed stores to check their latest 2014 winter collection. What is next on your way? Chiffon collection so keep yourself awake.

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