Garcinia Cambogia ( Appetite Suppressant)

Main Purpose:

Garcinia cambogia is an appetite suppressant. These capsules are used to help in weight reduction of an individual.

Detailed Introduction:

Garcinia cambogia a product of nature,wise have scientifically proven results for controlling the diet. It is highly effective in initiating several processes that promote weight loss. These include promotion of fat burn by converting it into glycogen, prevention of carbohydrate conversion in fat and increasing the levels of HDL cholesterol and serotonin where HDL is considered good form of cholesterol and serotonin regulates sleep patterns and imparts a feeling of fullness between meals. In clinical trials while testing this product, each individual had lost an average of 5.4% body weight over the period of 8 weeks. Each bottle comes with 180 vegetarian capsules.
The product is basically extracted from a fruit occurring in south Asia and has 60% naturally occurring hydroxycitric acid, potassium and calcium added to enhance its absorption. All the natural sources of the product are selected and tested carefully in laboratories, insuring highest quality of the product.

Positive Customer Feedback:

G8TRGRL says about garcinia cambogia that the product is 100% effective and she have lost 3 pounds in just over a period of three weeks.

Cvindon says about garcinia cambogia that this product is wonderful as it have absolutely no side effects on her. She has a feeling of fullness only after consuming a little bit of food. If the water is taken after a certain time then its effects are surprising.

Gloria Wilson says about garcinia cambogia that although she is using the product from last one week she is having the feeling of fullness from the very first day. Intake of these pills have improved her sleeping habits as well and added a new energy in her for everyday’s work.

Negative Customer Feedback:

Ashley Burke says about garcinia cambogia that she is suffering from panic disorders but haven’t have an anxiety attack in a long time but the very first pill of this product have became the stimulant of her anxiety.

Cuzinvinnie vortez says about garcinia cambogia that although he had taken the pills according to the directions but he had experienced absolutely no changes in terms of both weight’s loss and energy gain. He further says that he gained 1 pound weight after using the product for a complete week.

Competitive Products:

Phen375 is another appetite suppressant available in the market. It works by boosting metabolism and burning fats. They also claim it to be 100% natural but is a bit costly.
Phenemine diet pills are also available in the market and act by triggering fat cell apoptosis. It does work well for weight loose but it gives high mental alertness which can mess around with the normal sleep patterns. Lack of sleep is a wide spread side effect of this product.
UniqueHoodia is a product present in market for similar purpose but it has the highest amount of bad reviews. First of all the bottle do not contain as many capsules as stated on the bottle. It does not do what it is meant for and have high degree of intestinal side effects.

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