Fast Weight Loss Disadvantages and 3 Day Diet – ‘Handy Points to Know’

Fast weight loss is desired by everyone. It has its own perks but achieving the goal is not always that easy. In fact, it can be included in the list of one of the most difficult things to do by of course people who are overweight and not so difficult by people who are just too conscious about their selves. But well c’mon! Who doesn’t want to look perfect? Everyone does. As now ‘size zero’ is considered as ultimate beauty. So yes if you want to be the center of attention for the people around you, you’ll have to starve to death to lose those couple of pounds you carry around you waist.

Fast Weight Loss Disadvantages

But Wait! Desirous People of ‘Fast Weight Loss’

Beware of trying to lose too much and too quick as it has its disadvantages. Instant drop in weight can be hazardous not only for health but also for your external self.

Getting rid of it too quickly causes skin to be left behind as a result you start looking way older than you really are. It also gives no time for the body to process the changes being introduced to it and so it causes internal problems as body sometimes reacts abnormally towards it. Adding to that, your body’s nutritional requirement is not being fulfilled when you’re dieting. Your body is deprived of all the beneficial compounds it needs for maintenance and to carry out its vital functions and so it starts to utilize alternates from within which break down into toxins. When accumulate in the body they are dangerous for health. The aftermath includes toxification, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, hair loss, muscle loss and so on. Who would want that?

Fad diets and diet pill supplements do promise a slimmer body in no time. But are they even safe? No. They don’t burn your fat, they burn your muscle tissues. Fat reserves stay there. The tablets contain carcinogens and can contribute in the causes for heart attacks. When you stop taking those pills and those so called diets, you regain weight that you lost and it gets worse when you regain even more.

You can always take a healthier approach towards losing weight, for example, 3 day diet plan. For starters, you need to cut your intake of all the sugary treats and fatty snacks. The steps you should follow are:-

Steps to Follow for 3 Day DietDiet quote

•    Take Proteins and Carbohydrates instead of Fat. Fat contains 9 calories per gram while Proteins and Carbs each contain 4 calories per gram. Carbs are essential for body as they serve as fuel for body so it can do work, while Proteins are building block of life hence these two nutrients must be taken in everyday meal but the quantity of their intake must reduce.

•    Divide your meals. Take 5-6 small meals a day which must include fruits.

•    Eat fruits. Eat fruits with antioxidants as they help you to reduce weight. Antioxidants are found in fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lime, lemon and even in honey.

•     Don’t drink fresh juice, eat whole fruit instead. Drinking a glass or more of fresh juice increases your blood glucose level instantly. It’s better to eat whole fruit instead.

•    Drink 8 liters water a day. It will help to cleanse your body and reduce your body weight. It also helps to make your skin glow.

3 Day Diet

Fast weight loss has its own disadvantages but having a proper 3 day diet plan might get you your desired results. It will also save you from starvation and famine mood. Beauty doesn’t come from staying hungry all day long, it comes from within because when you eat healthy you stay healthy and beautiful.

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