Farhan Saeed Singer Is In a Relationship with Urwa Hocane

Farhan Saeed Biography

Farhan Saeed is a singer of Pakistani young generation. He is also the former lead vocalist of the Pakistani pop band “Jal”. Farhan also has  a restaurant Cafe Rock, which is well established and successful restaurant of our country. Farhan was born on 14th September 1984 in Lahore. He got his early education at Crescent High School where he took his O levels. Then in 1999, Farhan started his A levels from The Keynesian Institute of Management and Sciences in Lahore. And in 2001 he went to the Peshawar for further education from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) then he migrated to the campus of Lahore for his bachelors degree in computer sciences.

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Farhan Saeed Wedding

Farhan had not decided for the marriage yet now but according to the sources he is in a relationship of Love with Actress Urwa Hocane. These love birds are being seen together on many places where they are enjoying with each other. Urwa elder sister also confirm this news in her post on social media that these two lovebirds are in a relationship. Both are planning to act together in the film industry of Pakistan. Let’s hope that their relationship will strong in the future because they look like cute couple with each other.

Farhan Saeed with guitar

Farhan Saeed Showbiz Career

Farhan starts his career in 1999 when Farhan was at KIMS; he started singing in front of larger audiences. His class fellows well appreciated him, and he went for other competitions from college level and he won and was acknowledged by audience. In 2001, during his Bachelor Degree there was a singing competition, and Zulfikar Jabbar Khan, a.k.a Xulfi eP listened him, and he was impressed with fusion of modern and classical singing. In 2004, Farhan found chance of lead singer with Sultan Raja, bassist of another Pakistani band Call. That introduced Farhan to Goher Mumtaz, who was in search of a lead singer and Farhan singing career begins from there. He worked about eight years with music group Jal and on 8 September 2011; he declared that he is apart from Jal, and he starts his solo career. His first solo track ‘Khwahishon’ was released on 11 October and very much appreciated by audience. He had a number of hit songs and he also tries his luck by singing songs for Bollywood and his songs become very famous in all over the world. He is not only a singer but also a songwriter and a composer.

Farhan has opened a restaurant Cafe Rock at Hussain Chowk (off MM Alam road). This restaurant provides a platform to new bands and singers to highlight themselves and perform in front of an audience. That is very good way of promoting new singers.

Farhan Saeed with Sohai Ali Abro

Farhan with Sohai Ali Abro

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Farhan Saeed News Stories

He is also busy in completing new projects of singing and according to the reliable sources its come to know that Farhan is going to start his acting career from HUM TV very soon.

Farhan Saeed interview

Farhan Saeed Interview

Farhan said in his interview that he is proud to be a Pakistani, and he hope it’s the same for all of us! And he said to all youngsters that they should contribute in making Pakistan a better country in all over the world.

Farhan Saeed in FM Studio

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