Farah Hussain Scandal – ‘Iron Lady Gladly Welcomes to Critics’

Farah Hussain Biography

Farah Hussain scandal is running in the market, here we will discuss what the story behind this line is. Farah is the wife of a person whose name is Iqbal Hussain; her actual name was Farah Sadia. She was born on November 8, 1974 in Pakistan. She is a well known actress and presenter in the media industry of Pakistan.  These days she is hosting a morning show which is on aired on ATV; she has a pleasant and charming personality. Her career starts from a drama serial Bandhan where she met with a person whose name is Iqbal hussain and later on they got married and by the grace of ALLAH they have 2 children as well.

Farah Hussain while Eid Milan Party

Farah while Eid Milan Party

Farah Hussain Wedding

Farah Hussain married to a person Iqbal Hussain which was also a showbiz personality and fortunately they both worked together in the drama serial Bandhan. The story start from that drama serial which lead to the stage of marriage, they both got married in the year of 2001. After surviving 11 years of anniversary they both decided to take divorce from each other, they have 2 children whose names are Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. This is the actual story which people are writing as scandal for Farah.

Farah Hussain with her sons

Farah with her sons

Farah Hussain Showbiz Career

Farah started her career from drama serial Bandhan in which she played a role of Dil Baji which left a strong imprint on the heart of many people and she became famous after this drama serial. She starts hosting a Moring show from 2005 and still doing it just because of its huge fan following. In this show she basically covers politics, music, social issues and lot more things hence her show is complete package of information rather than entertainment.

Farah hussain while hosting morning with Farah

Farah while hosting ‘Morning with Farah

Farah Hussain with Mehdi Hassan

Farah with Mehdi Hassan

Farah Hussain with Muhammad Shahid Nazir - 'One Pound Fish'

Farah with Muhammad Shahid Nazir ‘One Pound Fish’

Farah Hussain News Stories

Besides hosting a show she also appeared in many commercials as well as other shows in which she takes a responsibility of hosting. She is one of the true assets of Pakistani industry; we must salute her because she always raises voice against the social issues and other critical affairs. Currently she is living in Islamabad with their children and trying to give a better life. Her dressing sense is really good and never wear bold dresses in her show this is one of the big reasons why people admire her personality.

Farah Hussain at Pakistan Sweet Home

Farah at Pakistan Sweet Home

Farah Hussain Interview

According to Farah it is very difficult for a women to take care of her children while she is working, after divorce the life is very difficult which could not be explain in words. She said that, people still loves her after such a big disaster of my life. People loves her dressing sense, the issues she discussed in her morning shows always appreciated from fans of Farah. Replying to the question of why she got divorced, she refused to discuss because it is her personal life and whatever she has faced never discussed in public because it left a bad impact on her children. Farah Hussain scandal is not more than a disaster of her life; we must support her rather than criticize.

Farah Hussain with Imran Khan

Farah with a Legend Politician and Former Cricketer ‘Imran Khan’

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