Fahad Mustafa Wife – People still Think ‘He is Bhola’

Fahad Mustafa Biography

Fahad Mustafa Wife, Sana, happily gets marry with the versatile person on 2005.

Fahad Mustafa is a Pakistani actor, model, director and producer. He was born in born June 26, 1983 in Karachi. He is the son of Sindhi actor Salahuddin Tanio. His zodiac sign is Cancer. Fahad is considered to be one of the best in the industry due to his multi talented personality. He has two brothers and one sister.

Fahad Mustafa Modeling

Fahad at Modeling

Fahad Mustafa father

Salahuddin Tanio, Fahad’s Father


Fahad Mustafa Wedding

As Fahad Mustafa is considered to be one of the most committed actors of the industry so he was never involved in an affair. Until 2005 he got married to the beautiful Sana Mustafa and they had a beautiful daughter named Fatima Mustafa who was born in 2011. Fahad loves his daughter and she is often seen with his father on the set of the drama.

Fahad Mustafa wedding pics

Fahad on his Barat

Fahad Mustafa Wedding images

Fahad on his Valima Ceremony

Fahad Mustafa daughter

Fahad with his daughter ‘Fatima’

Fahad Mustafa Wife Sana

Fahad Mustafa Wife ‘Sana’ with him

Fahad Mustafa Showbiz Career

Fahad Mustafa entered the showbiz industry from the drama serial Sheesha ka Mahal in a role which was based in only 18 episode the drama was a flop but Fahad Mustafa was noticed due to his outclass acting. Then he appeared in a small production drama Wajood e Laraib which was also a flop. He got his major breakthrough in 2008 from the drama serial Veena the drama took Fahad to a whole new level and then there was no stopping for him. His first production Kalaq was also hit starring Sanam Baloch. Fahad is currently also hosting a morning show on HUM TV. Now he is a successful actor, director and producer. Some of his hit dramas are Tair-e-Lahooti, Veena, Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Haal-e-Dil, Daagh, Kankar and Maaye Ni.

Fahad Mustafa on Mera Sain

Fahad on a Drama Serial ‘Mera Sain 2’

Fahad Mustafa on Drama Serial Bahu Rani

Fahad on Drama Serial ‘Bahu Rani’

Fahad Mustafa on Kankar

Fahad on Drama Serial ‘Kankar’

Fahad Mustafa News Stories

Fahad Mustafa is the cousin of famous actress Sanam Baloch and she credits him for her success in the industry. Fahad got Rs. 2000 per day for his first drama serial despite of having no line to speak in all episodes; he said that he bought a car from the money he made from that drama.

Fahad Mustafa during playing showbiz cricket

Fahad during playing showbiz cricket

Fahad Mustafa Interview

Fahad Mustafa faced a lot of troubles in establishing himself in the industry despite of the fact that he was an actor’s so. When asked about that how he joined the acting he answered that he always wanted to become a dentist but all things happen for a reason I failed to become one so as acting was in my blood I decided to give it a try and  Masha Allah succeeded in it. He later said that when in my first drama I asked our writer Noor Apa for some lines she answered that you are doing very good even without lines and I took it as a compliment and gave my best. About the question regarding difficulties he faced by seniors he answered that after my first drama, Noor Apa decided to write a soap for me as hero and I overheard Samina Peerzada saying that Ab ya kal ka larka iss pa serial likha jae ga? . He later said that I took this also as a compliment that senior actors are feeling insecure by a junior one so I may have something in me.

Fahad Mustafa during hosting a morning show Jago Pakistan Jago with Kiran

Fahad during hosting a morning show ‘Jago Pakistan Jago’ with Kiran

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