Facebook Deleted Mark Zuckerberg Profile

My name is Rais Zada and I’m from Pakistan, few weeks ago I see some post my Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg that was offensive for me. I reported that post and I suppose thousands of other people also reported, so I got reply from Facebook that we find that post is not against our policy.

Today I just see notification from Facebook Support desk that we revised our decision on your report, I was so excited to see their revised decision.

facebook ceo mark profile deleted

You wouldn’t believe, but they said, we deleted Mark’s Profile.

Thanks for taking the time to report something you feel may go against the Facebook Community Standards. We removed Mark Zuckerberg’s profile from Facebook. If Mark Zuckerberg’s profile is restored, the post you reported might reappear. If this happens, please feel free to report it again.

Looks like robots handling Facebook reports, isn’t ?


What are your thoughts about this ?

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