Elegant iOS 7 Theme – Handful Tips and Tricks

Be Prepared for iOS 7 Theme

For those that are new to the iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPad mini, be prepared for an interesting experience of IOS 7 themes. Upgrading from a flip phone to a smart phone like the iPhone using iOS 7, new users get to experience things like a screen lock that requires a pass code to unlock their new phones and it even has a built in theft deterrent. A built in security measure called Activation Lock on the Apple iOS 7 makes it quite hard for anyone to use this device without your permission. Even should the theft be discovered and the data were to be erased remotely, without the owner’s permission, Activation Lock can still prevent the device in question from being activated or used.

Elegant iOS 7 Theme – Handful Tips

iOS 7 Released…

On September 18, 2013, Apple released the iOS 7 for iPod touches, iPhones and iPads. Unlike many companies in this tight economy, Apple chose to release the iOS 7 as a no cost update.  Apple has added a torch, or a new flashlight to the new update. Also included is a disable app section in both lock screen and in the settings in the control center. Apple has also included a new Airdrop feature with the new update. For those not interested, and to save on battery power, this is easily turned off in the control center.

Simple and Easy Tips to Handle the Gadgets

There are some cool gadgets that Apple has included with the new iOS 7 update; here are a few tips and tricks on how to use them. For those home improvement junkies, Apple has included a spirit level in with the Compass app. Working similar to a real level, lay it on the surface you want to check and it will tell you how far off it is. Go to the Compass app and slide to the right. All Apple apps have the ability to increase the text size, for those who have problems seeing the words. Any app that supports Dynamic Type you can change the text size in settings, general, text size and then just set the text size from smaller to larger, which ever your preference, by sliding the bar.

Elegant iOS 7 Theme

One of the interesting things about the new Apple iOS 7 Themes is that panoramic photos can be set as your lock screen. Choosing from either included or your own pictures and zoom into your favorite part of the picture. Apple has also included a whole new set of sounds and ringtones with the iOS 7 Themes.

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