Dubai Islamic Bank Car Financing – A Fully Sharia Compliant Manner

Including all other services the Dubai Islamic Bank Car Financing is one of the best services to its customers. Dubai Islamic Bank being one of the leading banks of the country provides its services according to the Shariah complaint. Its services are reliable because these are provided by a well dedicated a team. It has its several branches across the countries in the big cities and the small cities as well. Being one of the reputed banks amongst all the Islamic banks operating in the country it is most trust worthy bank in Pakistan. It provides its several services which includes internet banking, sms banking, visa debit card which allows you to operate your transactions any time and any where, lockers for the provision of the safety for your precious assets as well as monetary assets as well as phone banking and mobile banking.

Dubai Islamic Bank Car Financing - Best Service

Auto Finance Best Facility For Their Customers

It offers a world class auto finance facility to the customers. The finance facility provided by the banks helps the customer to get a car quickly as compared to all the other banks because it does not provide cumbersome processes of getting a car. Moreover it is convenient, in addition it is according to the Sharia Compliant manner, and this is one of the positive aspects of the finance provided by the Dubai Islamic bank. It helps the customer to do transaction according to the Islamic way of style using Musharaka cum Ijara model to finance his or her car.

The Terms and Condition at Glimpse

Well the terms and conditions are not difficult to fulfill. If one want to take the finance for the car he or she should between age group of 21 to 65, whether salaried, self employed or self employed business man. The minimum range of salary must be 25000 PKR in order to be eligible for applying for the loan. Documents which are required includes copy of the computerized national identity card, two of the recent passport size photographs, latest salary slip which is issued by the employer, the bank statement of your account at least for the last six month and bank certificated issued.

The total amount of finance provided by the bank is hundred thousand minimum and up to a maximum level of five million, which is enough to get a top class vehicle of your dreams. The bank provides finance to three types of the car whether new, used, reconditioned or the imported cars. The interest rate is not fixed however it is variable and it is adjusted with annual reprising. The total time period for the return of the loan is as long as 7 years, which is long enough to any of the customer to pay off the loan easily.

Dubai Islamic Bank Car Financing - Do You Want to Apply?

Are You Willing to Apply?

If you are willing to apply for a loan for your car financing which must be according to the Shariah complaint, than you must go for the Dubai Islamic Bank car financing, it has easy terms and conditions to be fulfilled and easy processing of getting a car. So apply for the car financing at the bank and make your dreams come true.

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