Does Zunera Mazhar Deserve the Title? – ‘Mrs. Pakistan 2014’

American based Pakistani; Zunera Mazhar is one of the most talented models and designers not in the country but abroad as well. Currently he is living in Washington DC and she has been graduated from George Mason University. Very recently she has been crown as Mrs. Pakistan International USA 2014.

Zunera Mazhar Mrs. Pakistan 2014

Zunera Mazhar has been crowned as Mrs Pakistan International USA 2014. She has been crowned at Mrs. Pakistan international, which is functioning since 1980’s, this plat form is for Pakistani women who are married, who showcase their accomplishments and is a part of Mrs International pageant system.

Zunera Mazhar Mrs. Pakistan 2014 images

For the last few months Zunera has been Label’s international brand ambassador. “Zunera and Serena: The Fashion Ninas” is the blog Zunera owns, blog which is dedicated to fashion and style. Serena is her daughter and who is one of the emerging fashion models, moreover Zunera also designs outfits for Serena.

She is an extraordinary lady, who has laudable talent in designing and modeling. All those outfits in which Zunera has been dressed up on her blog are available in e-stores of Labels. She is very much enthusiastic to receive her awards; she explains why she participated in the pageant in the first place.

Zunera Mazhar Mrs. Pakistan 2014 images

“Now to why I did it? Because I wanted to show that an average looking woman, with all my flaws can still be considered beautiful because beauty is more than just what initially meets the eye, the mind can be just as beautiful.”

Zunera Mazhar images Mrs. Pakistan 2014

Along with being a fashion blogger, designer and a model, surprisingly she very is caring mother. This is obvious from the fact that she designs outfits for her very young daughter, Serena, who is emerging model.

Pakistani ladies are, no doubt, full of talent and they can earn enough fame for not only their own, but for the country as well.

Zunera Mazhar modeling Mrs. Pakistan 2014

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