Do You Want to Lose Weight In 2 Weeks? Follow It

Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

Today, women are more concerned about their looks and sleekness. They look around for the ways to groom themselves on best cheap rates. Everyone dreams of for a smart, slim and perfectly trimmed girl.

Here I am, to tell you, how you can get into a perfectly defined shape within 2 weeks. Yes! You can get into your pants, and slim cocktail evening dresses within 2 weeks. Only, you have to get determined to follow a diet plan that I am going to tell you in detail.

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What Is GM Diet Plan?

Have you listened of GM diet plan? Yes, GM. Gm stands for General Motors diet plan as this diet plan is a convention of leading company General Motors. This plan is for 1week, but you have to stick to it for a minimum of 2 weeks to get rid of extra fats. You can add a combination of lemon diet and GM diet to get into a shape within 2 weeks. I will tell you how?

In order to follow these diet plans, you have to get fully determined and passionate towards your beauty. There are strict rules to follow this plan otherwise you can’t blame anyone for the results.

As, I already mentioned, that GM is one week follow diet plan which you have to repeat then. So, let’s start this plan in a combination of lemon diet plan.

Diet Day 1

Let’s start with day 1 in which you are supposed to enter into a state of dieting. It is important to follow exactly the way I am telling you to do. Eat a variety of fruits on the first day of the plan with plenty of water (8-12 glasses) or take enough juices. Remember it’s a fruit day so, you are not allowed to touch any food item except fruits. Try to avoid having banana.

Diet Day 2

Day 2 comes up by allowing you with lots of vegetables that you would like to eat including potatoes. Make sure, you must not add oil while cooking these vegetables. You can use boiled vegetables or salads. Boiled potatoes will make carbohydrates burn which later would help you more. So, add some fresh vegetables including beans, onions, cabbage, etc. in your life on day 2 with having plenty of water.

Diet Day 3

Day 3 have a combination of both fruits and vegetables. You can take them in an order or mixing them up. What you have to remember is not to eat a banana in fruits and potatoes in vages. Water intake is necessary.

Day four bring you little worries as some people feel hungry by having this day plan but, continue with this as it’s the strict plan to follow. You have to eat 8-12 banana’s with 4 cups of milk a day. Divide them properly on a day so that you may not feel any starvation at all.

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Do You Like Rice?

Yeah! Day five brings you with rice and eight tomatoes in a day. Increase your water intake from 12 to 15 glasses.

On day six, have a cup of rice on lunch and vegetables on the rest of the day while drinking enough of water.

Day seven is considered to be a last day of this diet plan, but make sure you have to follow this for 2 weeks. Attention! As day seven is important in which you can have a cup of rice with fruit juices and vegetables of all type that you would love to have.

So, here was a diet plan of seven days which you would have to follow for 2 weeks to get yourself reduced enough, but do try to add some lemon while preparing for these diets or have a glass of warm water with lemon on every day. That would be helpful. So, guys do inform me about your results and thoughts after following this plan. I assure you; this would be the best diet plan to lose weight in 2 weeks.

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