Best of Deepak Perwani Sherwani With High Quality Newness

Deepak Perwani is one of the most talented and experienced fashion designer of Pakistan, Deepak Perwani Sherwani is familiar among other format of dresses. He is also a versatile in women’s, men’s wear. His elegant and amazing collection of men’s sherwani gives your smart and stylish look, below are some amazing and unique sherwani outfit mention have a look:

Sherwani Look 1

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 1

Image Description: White colour is always counted as a symbol of peace, this amazing outfit from the collection of Deepak perwani comes with golden embroidery and white pajama. The sleeves are full with V-shape embroidery design on its neck. The kola is red in colour which makes it a perfect combination.

Sherwani Look  2

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 2

Image Description: Deepak Perwani design is always artistic and elegant, like in this sherwani it has golden colour theme with red dupatta. The embroidery comes with dark golden and in silver shades which makes it more prominent.

Sherwani Look 3

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look  3

Image Description: It is quite clear that, there are not varieties of colour in men’s sherwani but hats off to Deepak perwani who make their outfit amazing in simple white colours. This outfit is white in colour with golden embroidery on it, there is a scarf with sherwani which gives it aesthetic appeal, the red kola enhances its beauty.

Sherwani Look 4

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 4

Image Description: To play with colour is an art and Deepak perwani is master in this art, this sherwani is grey in colour with golden pajama. The kola is purple in colour with silver embroidery on it, the sherwani comes with self printed fabric and silver colour heavy embroidery. This is one of the best designs from his collection.

Sherwani Look 5

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 5

Image Description: The shade of both sherwani is in golden colour which gives soft and elegant look. The embroidery is very less on it, sherwani which is on right has white churidaar pajama while the sherwani on left comes with golden colour churidaar pajama. Both sherwani looks amazing and good for formal occasions.

Sherwani Look 6

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 6

Image Description: The colour of this sherwani is amazing; it has soft look with golden colour embroidery n it. The stitching of this sherwani is very artistic, it has also churidaar pajama. The kola comes with this sherwani is pink n colour with golden embroidery on it.

Sherwani Look 7

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 7

Image Description: Amazing golden colour sherwani with golden embroidery on it, it has same colour dupatta with golden embroidery on it also.  It has full sleeves with embroidery around its wrist, the kola comes along with this sherwani is red in colour with silver and golden embroidery on it.

Sherwani Look 8

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 8

Image Description: Unique and amazing touch of colour, this sherwani is black in colour which is quite uncommon. The embroidery n it is golden in colour, it has a chain o its neck which is also looking different from others. IT has embroidery around its wrist, the kola comes along with this sherwani is maroon in colour with golden artistic embroidery on it.

Sherwani Look 9

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 9

Image Description: Another black piece of apparel with golden churidaar pajama. This sherwani is quite simple but looking elegant, the kola comes along with this sherwani is red in colour with artistic embroidery on it.

Sherwani Look 10

Deepak Perwani Sherwani Look 10

Image Description:  This sherwani is also amazing with golden, brown and yellow in colour. The shirt is golden in colour with golden embroidery on it, while the pajama is churidaar which is brown in colour. The kola comes with this sherwani is yellow in colour with artistic stone work on it.

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