Danish Taimoor Biography – ‘He Hates His Habit of Trusting Everyone’

Danish Taimoor Biography

It is invincible fact that Danish Taimoor is a charismatic personality, well groomed, stylish, and multi oriented type actor. It is nothing but a God gifted advantage to our show business industry. One can hardly differentiate between his actions with that of real imprudent response of his realistic day life. The way he delivers dialogue in drama and film is amazing; it seems giving you a feeling as if he is talking in a genuine life. He knows all tactics where to give pause in giving delivery of dialogue, where to have answer of the other.

Danish Taimoor Childhood photo

Danish’s Childhood Photo



Danish Taimoor Images

Danish Taimoor Wedding

It is a true fact that initially Danish and Aiza Khan were engaged for each other, but for some unknown reason this relation were moving towards for the weaker end. It is said to be Aiza had great concerned and felt unsecured over popularity of Danish. Now the situation is just reverse and Aiza is getting more popular in the show business.  It is claimed that Danish is now trying to woo her back. It is presumed both will enter into a marriage ceremony within a couple of days.

Danish Taimoor with Aiza Khan

Danish with Aiza Khan

Aiza Khan and Danish Taimoor wedding

Danish Taimoor in Eid telefilms

Danish in Eid telefilms

Danish Taimoor Showbiz Career

He had started his career with modeling and later on became an actor in the show biz. No doubt he is a new entrant in the show biz but he made himself a way for becoming a star in no time. Because of his versatility in acting, he made his position into the industry and succeeded in evoking public attraction and interest. Advertizing media has also been attracted because of his capability and charismatic personality for having more chance of doing action in advertisement as well.

Danish Taimoor in Arzoo Jenay ki tou Nai

Danish in a drama serial ‘Arzoo Jenay Ki Tou Nai’

Danish Taimoor in 'GURUS' - Telefilm by Express Entertainment

Danish in ‘GURUS’ – Telefilm by Express Entertainment

Danish Taimoor in Chaon

Danish in Chaon with Saba Qamar

Danish Taimoor in 'DOOSRA NAAM' - A Telefilm by Hum Tv

Danish in ‘DOOSRA NAAM’ with Sajal Ali

Danish Taimoor in Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain - 'Zanjeerain'

Danish in Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain – ‘Zanjeerain’

Danish Taimoor in Jhooti

Danish in a drama serial ‘Jhooti’

Danish Taimoor in 'Shagufta Shagufta Bahanay Teray'

Danish in ‘Shagufta Shagufta Bahanay Teray’ with Sajal Ali

Danish Taimoor News Stories

It seems ridiculous Danish has categorically stated in an interview that he believes his love is based on true and loyal but it does not seem to be true in their practical life dealing with Aiza. Moreover he trusts on everyone; why it is not in the case of Aiza. He has accepted in an interview that his weakness lies on beautiful eye and engaging smile resulting he likely to be attracted if someone has this look. We may take the opportunity of putting Aiza on alert mode; she might have to face some problem in future if he does not change this characteristic of being attracted. He does not like long driving but however he believes his strength lies in his will and brain.

Danish Taimoor images

Danish Taimoor Interview

He was born at Karachi some time back on February 16, 1983. He started his early education from Karachi and did his MBA from Karachi University. He has one brother named Zahid Taimoor who is also associated with the show business industry. Like his brother he also started his career with modeling. Danish is smart and intelligent moving ahead step by step with sedulous care, started initially with modeling and now has successfully entered into acting. His movement, action and the method of delivery of dialogue in drama is amazing. Because of his educational background and acting prowess he seems to be more confident and guts of evoking public attention and attraction toward his acting.

Danish Taimoor pictures

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